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by Teré Foster

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Arc 7 Addresses 7 Concerns in One System

Arcologies of Transformation

“Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day
Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime”

Make a man a co-owner of a Co-op Fish Hatchery

And you transform him into
an independently wealthy entrepreneur

who can spend his time developing his gifts and talents
for the good of mankind.

7 Strategies of Arc 7

"Arcology" is a self-contained, self-sustaining human habitat taken from two words "architecture" and "ecology."

"Transformation" is a thoughtful change in the interpretation of life, self-definition, overarching life purpose, and life-governing concerns.

"Arcology of Transformation" (Arc 7 for short) is a money-making co-op with a nurturing intentional community environment for groups of approximately 2000 people to thrive in today's competitive economy. As advancements unfold,  the arcology will be automated to abundantly provide food, water, shelter, clothing, and sustainable utilities for those who live there. By working together for the common good we can gain understanding of the important role that an intentional community structure plays on human achievement.

“Intentional Communities” are planned residential communities designed from the start to have a high degree of social cohesion and teamwork. The members of an intentional community typically hold a common social, political, religious, or spiritual vision, in this case, the 7 Strategies of Transformation.

7 Strategies of Arc 7

"7 Strategies of Transformation” are components of the Arc 7 system of
social, spiritual, and economic self-governance that works within this advanced human habitat.

Arc 7 Proposal includes an independent, decentralized, worker-owned workplace, a sustainable infrastructure, self-contained food and utility production, and a built-in system for procreating Arc 7 Intentional Communities anywhere in the world especially where there is the greatest need. is a non-profit cooperative looking for leaders, thinkers, artists, healers, innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs, and investors who are ready to join the Think Tank that will evaluate, improve, and implement the Arc 7 proposal and help bring about Global Well-Being one arcology at a time.





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