Our circle of concern starts by serving "self" and the crucial elements of personal well-being. But soon we expand our concern to include more and more people and their well-being. 

7 Dimensions of Love

Support the 7 Common Elements of Well-Being

Across the ideological spectrum,  we have identified 7 common elements of human well-being. We have these in common no matter who we are or where we come from.

SURVIVAL is the zero point where we worry about bills and getting by.  It’s hard to think about much else as long as this part of life is unstable.

We work hard to rise up out of survival mode to care about:

BODY our physical health,

MIND our life purpose and

SPIRIT our emotional well-being, a complicated balancing act that requires constant attention.








FAMILY connections and close friends that deeply impact our well-being. Their well-being impacts our well-being and our well-being impacts theirs.
We also have the need to “belong” and to be “known” in the...

COMMUNITY.  That tribal connection plays a role in our well-being.  And we impact the well-being of our community. If you don’t believe that, think how one person in your community can change everything just by dumping their trash along the highway or waving a gun around at the mall.  You make your community a safe and beautiful by being peaceful and friendly and taking good care of the environment.

But many of us are realizing that even when all these elements are in place and working well, there is still another element to well-being.  We need to know that the world we live in is a safe and beautiful place.  It is not enough to have well-being on a personal level because the condition of all...

HUMANITY has an impact on us and we have an impact on all HUMANITY. But most of us don’t realize the how much we each do to make the world a safe and beautiful place, because there is still so much chaos and suffering in the world.  This leads to fear and concern which has a very direct impact on our sense of well-being.

This is when we begin to realize that the planet connects us into one organism and what happens to one happens to all.

Just knowing that millions of people suffer around the world keeps us from experiencing true and lasting peace no matter how good we have it here at home, because we are connected beings that can feel the pain of all humanity. This may be the reason why so many experience depression even though they have everything going for them. And this is as it should be because what kind of people would we be if it didn’t bother us at all?


How would you rate your own well-being from 1 to 7? 

   Give yourself 1 point for each of the 7 elements in which you are experiencing well-being.

Please leave your comments below.


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