7 Objectives

Arcology 777: “Build Arcologies from the inside out and the ground up, nearby and around the world, online first, then on land.”

Motivate each person to BUILD FROM THE INSIDE OUT by following these 7 steps.

Define, understand and PRIORITIZE the core VALUES associated with each dimension of love.

Observe and evaluate today’s society, and NARROW DOWN our greatest CONCERNS for each element of well-being. Identify and change the laws, policies and practices that prevent well-being for all.

ESTABLISH effective SCREEN QUESTIONS to use for all decisions and choices of products, projects, candidates, policies and laws to lead us to greater well-being and to ensure that our defined concerns are addressed in all future planning.

DEFINE the OBJECTIVES that will support the seven elements of well-being and promote all 7 dimensions of love.

Form CO-OPS to support each of the defined objectives and enjoy holacracy; autonomy and inter-dependence between people, projects and arcology locations, tracking the progress of each individual, each team and each arcology.

BUILD not-for-profit ARCOLOGIES OF WELL-BEING using plan 777 to support each of the seven elements of well-being, using the latest cutting edge discoveries, innovations, inventions, materials, strategies, and artistic creativity.




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