7 Steps

Global Well-Being Vision: “Build Arcologies from the inside out and the ground up, nearby and around the world, online first, then on land.”

“Build from the Inside Out” - Online discussion and One-to-One Coaching

Step 1: Understand the 7 elements of well-being and define and understand the core values associated with each.

Step 2: Observe and evaluate today's society, define our greatest CONCERNS for each element of well-being and identify and change the laws, policies and practices that prevent well-being for all.


Step 3: Create an effective SCREEN to use for all decisions and choices of products, projects, candidates, policies and laws to protect us and lead us to greater well-being and ensure that our defined concerns are addressed in all future planning. 

Step 4: Do what it takes to elevate up the Energy Scale in order to set yourself free to serve others.

“Build from the Ground Up” – The Screen and the Energy Scale

Step 5: Gather into local “HUBS” for WORKSHOPS that will teach practical skills needed for an arcology of well-being lifestyle. 

 “Online First” - Workshops and Think Tanks

Step 6: Form TEAMS to support each of the seven elements of well-being.  Focus on clear objectives and enjoy autonomy and inter-dependence between people, projects and arcology locations. Track the progress of each individual, each team and each arcology. 

“then On Land” -  Co-ops and Joint Ventures

Step 7: Design not-for-profit ARCOLOGIES using plan 777 to support each of the seven elements of well-being.  Build using the latest cutting edge discoveries, innovations, inventions, materials, strategies, and artistic creativity. 

“Nearby and Around the World” – Designate and develop locations


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