The Global Well-Being Think Tank

When this plan is in full swing, everyone involved will become successful and empowered entrepreneurs because the plan transforms our members from the employee/consumer to the worker/owner who has autonomy and prosperity and most of all a greater sense of well-being on all seven levels.


My topic is well-being.  

As a child I was tested to have an I.Q. of 160, but I.Q. doesn't ensure well-being.  I was placed in a special program for "smart kids" and everyone had great expectations for me. I was the youngest person in my class because they skipped me past kindergarten into the first grade. Even then I was at the head of the class. They focused on many world issues at that time during the late 60s and wanted us to have a big-picture perspective.

But they didn't know that, no matter how progressive their program was, I lived in an abusive household that undermined my sense of well-being, tearing down anything this program tried to instill in me. They didn't know that I would marry an abusive male before I turned 18. They could never have guessed that I would never even finish college, or even get a job.  But I used my gifts to pull myself out of the darkness and into the brightest of lights, using my hidden place as mother and homemaker to its fullest advantage.  I have lived through two abusive marriages and I have had many set backs but I never stopped studying. I was a stay-at-home mom from 1977 to 2019.  That's 22 years of time for research.

When people used to ask me, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I always said, "I just want to be normal." I never felt normal and didn't even know how to define normal, but I was determined to be "normal." This set me on this path discovering and developing all the information I could find on the topic of "well-being." I first wanted to know what it was, then where it comes from, and then how to get it.  I collected everything I could find on the topic and posted it on my many websites in bite sized pieces because it is too much information for most people to absorb all at once. My vision expanded to larger and larger issues from my own personal well-being to my family well-being to well-being for all. I was born in 1960 so I have observed a lot of changes happening around me that have caused me great concern for the well-being of the entire planet. For this reason I have formed the Global Well-Being Think Tank to gather great minds together to share my research and my conclusions to create something entirely new.

GlobalWell-Being.org supports what I call "the seven dimensions of life" including 1-survival, 2-body, 3-mind, 4-spirit, 5-family, 6-community, and 7-humanity. These are the seven essential elements of well-being that all people have in common no matter who they are or where they come from.  The absence of well-being in these seven dimensions can be described as the seven greatest global concerns; poverty, disease, illiteracy, inequality in the workplace, domestic violence in the home, destruction of the planet, and exploitation of the most vulnerable members of our global family. In my efforts and studies I have slowly formulated a plan to address all seven essential elements of well-being with one plan called "Arcologies of Well-Being" or "Arc 7" for short.  I am excited to say it covers all bases and hasn't left anything out.  I have already written my TED talk and have prepared the music for the concerts I plan to hold as fundraisers for the launch of GlobalWell-Being.org.

It is so exciting to create something so powerful and I have many wonderful people that are supporting the project before I have begun to tell people about it!  So many people have the exact same vision and want to see this vision come to pass as quickly as possible.  This is the beauty of the Global Well-Being Think Tank.

It took me decades to get to the point of being proud of myself and feeling "normal." I am ready to celebrate what I have accomplished, although there is a long road ahead of me yet to do.  I have been working full-time researching and forming a non-profit organization for more than 10 years. I am now ready to launch. So I don't feel the least bit hesitant to say I am proud of myself!  Yay me! And yay for everyone who has supported and helped the process.  We are ready to form an unstoppable momentum for good.

I have developed nine websites to support this organization because it is such a huge vision. I have created over 100 videos with two youtube channels. I have written a series of workbooks and several books.  I have written many collections of music, some for relaxation, some for exercise and some for inspiration. I intend to move all of this body of work forward at the same time. No one has seen any of it yet.  I am sure that there are many like me who have the same kind of story.  You have been "compelled" to work on projects that no one has seen yet. This is why we need a think tank that reaches around the globe to pull together all the greatest minds on earth today (that means you!) and bring these ideas into fruition for the betterment of all humanity.

Our focus at the moment is to approach Puerto Rico with the Arc 7 proposal to see if they would be interested in supporting the first working prototype of Arc 7. Puerto Rico would be the perfect situation, because they would benefit so greatly from this plan. We would also like to offer it as one solution to the crisis at the border. We believe that this would be far more effective than a wall.

Global Well-Being Think Tank

A Work Table

A Work Table

Each format for gathering provides the table where we can bring all the pieces together of a larger vision.

Most people in the conscious community can see the wisdom of gathering and unifying the established organizations and projects around the world.

Unifying efforts will offer strength in numbers as well as crucial sharing of knowledge and resources.

Oneness is the only logical choice, especially for those who haven't yet found the perfect direction in which to focus their gifts.

Where can this kind of collaboration take place?

It is our vision to provide the table for conscious collaboration on a global scale.


A Scouting Process

A Scouting Process

GlobalWell-Being.org serves as a sorting process to identify strengths, find those who are truly interested in the vision, ready for leadership positions, or needing more teaching, training or development.

By participating in the discussion at the bottom of every page, you will become more aware of the overall vision, to see if it resonates with your own goals and life purpose or the goals of your organization.

You will have an opportunity to see where your gifts and talents best fit into the larger vision of Global Well-Being.

The ultimate goal of this sorting process is to create the freedom of a high-energy, productive collaboration between people with no limiting thoughts or beliefs.

How big can you dream?  What are your limits?  How can we help each other?

A Master Plan

A Master Plan

Like an erector  set, we gather the pieces of Global Well-Being and arrange them on the table where we can see them all in one view.

As we collect more and more pieces with exciting shapes and sizes, each one adds new possibilities.

GlobalWell-Being.com is a very simple opportunity to bring individual pieces of the erector set together to create a functional and powerful system.

There are many effective organizations around the world, each with their special purpose. They are establishing their portion of the greater vision. They may or may not see the need to link to our vision.  They may function perfectly without linking in with others at all.  Yet we believe that oneness has many advantages.


We look forward to meeting you! 

Please use the comment box below to introduce yourself and tell us why you want to be part of the think tank.


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