Action Steps

Build Co-op Arcologies
From the Inside Out and the Ground Up
Nearby and Around the World

Online First, Then On Land


7 Action Steps: to a new way of life

  • 1-Build Co-op Arcologies - a system of 7 centers that address 7 concerns
  • 2-Build from the Inside Out - teaching a paradigm shift to higher consciousness
  • 3-Build from the Ground Up - evaluating and re-thinking the structure of today’s society
  • 4-Build Nearby - forming local hubs for workshops, teams, and co-ops
  • 5-Build Around the World - wherever a visionary leader pinpoints a great need
  • 6-Build Online First - filling core roles with people we trained ourselves
  • 7-Then Build On Land - designing, organizing, and building arcologies

An arcology of well-being is a high-energy, futuristic model of a self-contained, self-sustaining place to live and work, off-the-grid in all aspects including production of food, clothing, utilities and other basic needs. The arcology economy involves a network of co-ops owned by the members of the arcology, plus many businesses directed to the open marketplace. An Arcology of Well-Being is owned and operated by the members through a system of self-governance. Well-being will be the central theme and will be taught on a consistent basis to promote interpersonal relationships that survive and thrive within the community.

We of the American middle class can no longer live well while others die of starvation.  We can no longer wait for "someone" to do “something” about the inequities of the world.  We can no longer stand by as so many people live in quiet desperation, never finding their passion or living their dreams, serving a system that is broken.  It's up to us!  All the best solutions will surface when people join in unity, working together for the common good, letting go of the need to compete, and developing self-sustaining arcologies of well-being.  We believe that humans have the capacity to accomplish anything when they hold hands and combine gifts and talents.  We don’t want anything to do with systems of control that require force or coercion.  On the contrary, all decisions and strategies in this plan are made by you, because you are part of the planning team that makes it all happen. Our objective is to transition from systems of control to systems of empowerment to change the world for the better.

Step 1-Build Co-op Arcologies of Well-Being

“Arcology” combines two words: “ecology” and “architecture.”  Arcologies of Well-being, Arc 777, offers a high-energy lifestyle that is equivalent to living and working in a year-round, high-energy, wellness retreat. Arc-ology, like Noah's Ark, is a place to live and work that is self-contained and self-sustaining.  From a legal standpoint this plan is a "solely worker owned co-op" that gathers together 100 leaders and their families to design, build and own this small, experimental, ecologically-low-impact, human habitat. No need for a car because you live, go to school, and work in the same location. With the intent to take care of each other like a tribal family, arcologies offer a beautiful place to live, plenty of whole foods grown on site, natural medical care, dental, better education, in-depth conflict resolution training, self-care training and much more.

To build a functional network of co-ops that provide the needs of those who live there, the roles within the arcology must be filled by people who are the best qualified.  We estimate the number of core roles within an arcology of well-being to be about 100. These roles must be filled first, before moving into the design and build phase of the arcology. Once the core roles are filled, we can begin to estimate how many additional people the arcology can sustain in abundance.  Perhaps each person who fills a role could be given the option to invite a few additional people. The arcology will, through trial and error, make the final decisions about the number of people needed to create an abundant self-sustaining economic system.  When these numbers are proven through real-world experimentation, they can then make the basis for all future arcology formation.

Step 2-Build from the Inside Out

We look for leaders who will dare to break ground with us inside our own hearts and minds first before we break ground on a construction site. We believe that all things must be created spiritually first, and then be allowed to manifest naturally.  So we will re-build our core values and social responsibilities, and learn advanced thinking and feeling about our fellow man, envisioning new advancements in architecture, permaculture or bio-conversion. This alignment of intention on the inside will lay the foundation without forcing or pushing. Our new way of life will be birthed from the inside out.

Step 3-Build from the Ground Up

Each element of well-being will be supported by the design of the arcology. The more the design includes a way to interact with nature, the more health and well-being we will achieve. Layouts will be careful to preserve wildlife of the surrounding areas to the greatest degree possible.  We must have spaces to grow food products for all of the community members as well as for the arcology restaurants and farmer’s markets for customers from outside the community.  Green houses and indoor farms will be included in the design to ensure year-round growing power.  Landscaping will consist of fruit bearing trees and vines, permaculture designs, pastures, and fishing ponds.  Our goal will be to produce 100% of the food necessary for health and well-being of the members.

Using our core values as a screen, we will work together to design something completely new, separate and distinct from the corruption, rather than believing that the solutions can be built on top of a corrupt foundation. We will have the privilege of re-designing the economic system and the social structure from the ground up within each arcology to provide greater support for entrepreneurs and dream builders, as well as vulnerable and disadvantaged members.  Together we will produce our basic needs, health care, education, spiritual training, a self-governance system and much more in a way that is also supportive towards the global arcology systems at the same time. We will also have a positive impact on the global economy outside of the arcology and be a productive member of the global society.

Step 4-Build Nearby

Arcologies can be built nearby, in any town, city, suburb, or rural countryside wherever a visionary leader exists that has a group of at least 100 multi-generational families who want to work together to build it.  The sum total of their gifts and talents will make it happen. The early stages of forming co-ops for each arcology can be done long before the arcology is built.  Some will want their arcologies to be on the countryside, the mountains or the beach. Others will want their arcologies to be near universities, shopping and airports. The location doesn’t impact the common foundation created spiritually first that unites them all with one intention of global well-being.  The end result will be a building that may resemble a 5 star hotel, but for those who live inside it's another world.

Step 5-Build Around the World

These arcologies can be built in the poorest places in the world to elevate the circumstances of others quickly and permanently.  Arcologies will make it their goal to sustainably and responsibly produce more than enough to build a sister arcology in a poor nation somewhere in the world. This sister arcology will produce more than enough to end poverty for those who live there and the communities around them. They will also make it their goal to build a sister arcology where there is great need, and so on.  Like a human chain, we will build around the world until every need is met and every person enjoys well-being.   

Step 6-Build Online First

We must find like-minded people who will share the vision with us. Building online first, we can then enjoy online discussions, workshops and training that will help to establish hubs, teams, co-ops and arcologies wherever a leader is willing to lead.  We help each person discover their life purpose and define their roles within the arcology, long before an arcology is designed and built. We believe that all the necessary pieces of the global well-being erector set were “downloaded” to someone somewhere in the world.  It’s our job to find the pieces and join them together to build the structure that they were intended to be.  An online platform will make that possible and unite us into one powerful vision.  We are looking for an open source platform that will allow the rising global leaders to add their own programs, books, songs, inventions and systems that were “downloaded” to them.  We have specific roles to fill in each arcology to create the stability and sustainability as well as beauty and harmony. Finding these like-minded individuals who are willing to prepare themselves mentally and spiritually to contribute to the arcology is an important process that will be done online.  Members can contribute funds towards their own arcology as well as towards the global vision of building arcologies around the world during this step.

Step 7-Then Build On Land

Once the membership reaches a certain number, the contributions reach a certain dollar amount and a piece of land has been acquired, a local group can begin building a small, well-planned, self-contained economy with innovative enterprises including a farmers market, a restaurant, a theme park, a health and wellness clinic, and futuristic centers of support for each element of well-being for the members including a health center, an education center, an empowerment center, an event center, a sustainability center, a planning center and a food production center that uses the fast-evolving technologies of indoor vertical farming, aquaponics, permaculture, and gentle processing techniques.

We will always be on the lookout for new, low-impact materials and designs that fully utilize renewable and sustainable systems. We are looking for experts in every field to live and work in these arcologies and to offer their innovations and inventions to make arcologies of well-being the most advanced human habitats in the world. Artist renderings of arcologies of well-being as well as ideas and innovations can be posted on in an open source approach.  Most likely no two arcologies will look alike because the members who own and build them will also design them.  They are not like a chain store or franchise hotel, but are unique creations expressed by unique members.