Arcology 777

Arc 777: 7 Foundational Steps based upon 7 Dimensions of Love to achieve and protect the 7 Elements of Well-Being 

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Arcologies of Well-Being; Plan 777

1- FINANCIAL WELL-BEING: Work together for the common good to own and operate an arcology of well-being.

2- PHYSICAL WELL-BEING: Live in a supportive setting where there is no such things as unemployment, eviction, disability, bankruptcy or poverty.  

3- CAREER WELL-BEING: Find meaning and calling reaching for something bigger than yourself.

4- EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING: Find your niche and contribute in your own way, based upon the feedback of the Arcology members. Every individual will know his or her area of autonomy and how it links together in an inter-dependent system.

5- SOCIAL WELL-BEING: Work your way up from a member of a discussion to a member of a hub, to a member of a mutually owned co-op, to a member of a mutually owned arcology. We build each generation upon the last, leaving the rising generation with wealth and security within an arcology, working together with multi-generational friends and family to create an unstoppable team.

6- COMMUNITY WELL-BEING: Try a plan that has never been tried before, reaching for the highest level of well-being for everyone involved.

7- GLOBAL WELL-BEING: Make a difference in your local area and the world. We plan to work together until all poverty, illiteracy and disease is eradicate around the world one arcology at a time.

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