Arcology 777

Arcology 777 is a plan that includes:     7 Steps: the black buttons.          7 Elements: symbols           7 Objectives: well-being

Arcology Plan 777

1- FINANCIAL WELL-BEING: Arcology 777 meets basic needs of those who live and work there through cooperation and contribution, creating abundance for all, and forming a network of co-ops.

2- PHYSICAL WELL-BEING: Each individual must be committed to self-care. No job should keep an individual sitting, standing or working for longer than is healthy. The workplace and the dwelling place is located at the same address so 8 hours of continuous work is no longer necessary.

3- CAREER WELL-BEING: Avoid the trap of being “marketable” by staying true to the greatest good.  The arcology will offer the education needed to develop individual strengths to make the greatest impact on the earth. Arcology education leads to a career that utilizes strengths and gives life meaning.

4- EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING: Plan 777 is to build arcologies “from the inside out” and make emotional well-being an integral part of our preparation to live in an arcology of well-being.  A child growing up in an arcology will receive education about emotional well-being at an early age to ensure that the rising generation will make sound decisions for the future of the arcology and the planet.

5- SOCIAL WELL-BEING: We reject the crippling notion that each generation must start from scratch. Instead we build each generation upon the last, leaving the rising generation with wealth and security within an arcology, working together with friends and family to create an unstoppable team.

6- COMMUNITY WELL-BEING: We intentionally design the arcology layout for ultimate well-being. We eliminate traditions or practices that prevent well-being.  We spread the arcology governance out in a decentralized system of seven centers. Every individual knows his or her area of autonomy and how it links together in an inter-dependent system.

7- GLOBAL WELL-BEING: We look for the greatest need on the earth and focus on bringing well-being to that location by building a sister arcology of self-sustaining abundance. We use vacation time to make a difference in the world, or perhaps relocate to another arcology for a period of time. We plan to work together until all poverty, illiteracy and disease is eradicate around the world one arcology at a time. 

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