7 Benefits

BENEFITS: 7 Elements of Well-Being are Improved Simultaneously

Gather your family and close friends to build the most advanced way of life on earth.

1- FINANCIAL WELL-BEING: Own and operate an arcology of well-being and work together for the common good. Eliminate bills by working together for the common good. Help to provide food, shelter, clothing, and utilities at no cost to you and your loved ones. Live in a supportive setting where there are no such things as unemployment, eviction, disability, bankruptcy or poverty.  Work together to generate income in the open marketplace to create sustainable abundance for you, your family, and the arcology, eliminating the financial stress of living in a single-family dwelling.  Assist the community and economic development of the local area.

2- PHYSICAL WELL-BEING: Enjoy free preventative health care from professionals who live in your arcology. Receive a benefits package of health and dental care, for you and your loved ones that explores natural alternative medicines first before relying upon Western Medicine. Learn self-care secrets to live by. Prevent illness, promote longevity and enjoy abundant energy.

3- CAREER WELL-BEING: Find meaning and life purpose, reaching for something bigger than yourself.  Find your niche and contribute to an arcology in your own way, based upon your passion, abilities, gifts and talents. Meet the needs of the Arcology members. Receive free education of all types for all ages from birth to death to improve your ability to express your life purpose.  Receive support from the arcology for creative and innovative projects you may imagine such as inventions, artistic expression or global solutions. Every individual will choose an area of autonomy and choose how it links together in an inter-dependent system within the arcology.

4- EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING: Heal in a deep and permanent way, learning to live in harmony with the universal laws that govern our lives.  Become a co-creator of your life on earth. Enjoy close, satisfying relationship with self, God, and others in the arcology.

5- SOCIAL WELL-BEING: Own shares in a dwelling place that you can pass down to your children and grandchildren to ensure that they have the ability to continue the legacy of well-being you have built for them. Build each generation upon the last, leaving the rising generation with wealth and security within an arcology, working together with multi-generational friends and family to create a new economic and social structure within an arcology. Raise your children in an environment of love and acceptance, cultivating a sense of tribal belonging.  “Where belonging begins, corruption ends.”

6- COMMUNITY WELL-BEING:  Live in an advanced architectural design that enhances the land where it is built, working in harmony with nature as a part of nature and never against it. Build with futuristic materials that do no harm to the environment and that last forever. Enjoy free utilities; water, power, sewer and waste recycling, through sustainable, cutting edge, always evolving, innovative, decentralized, in-house solutions. Eliminate the need for a car by living and working in the same location.  Improve the environment by reducing your driving time.  Use the arcology vehicles as needed.  Try a community plan that has never been tried before, reaching for the highest level of well-being for everyone involved by promoting sustainability, environmental consciousness, and social responsibility.

7- GLOBAL WELL-BEING: Work together to build arcologies of well-being in strategic places around the world until all poverty, illiteracy and disease is eradicated. Retire in humanitarianism with in-house assisted livin g options until the day you die. Have the opportunity to plug your gifts and talents into projects where they can do the most good in the world. End poverty permanently for those who live in an arcology of well-being, giving new opportunities to poverty-stricken populations. Duplicate the Arcology 777 model in poverty-stricken areas of the world, elevating the circumstances of others quickly and permanently.

An example of designs that could be used.



Benefits Summary:

We must design an advanced human habitat that addresses all 7 Elements of Well-Being simultaneously rather than focus on just one, such as making the most money, proximity to jobs and shopping, reducing our carbon footprint, or creating a spiritual environment.  Arcologies of Well-Being offer more than a place to work or a place to sleep.  They are the most advanced human habitat in the world with a decentralized co-op economy, sustainable infrastructure, self-contained food and utilities, a social structure that will promote greater well-being for those who live there, and a built-in system for duplicating this model in the poorest places in the world.