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The Energy Scale

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Staying Positive in a Negative World

Global Well-Being offers The Energy Scale as a tool to teach the ancient secrets of the human heart all in one view.  It will teach the reasons why morality is so important.  It will teach the law of attraction, the power of unity as well as emotional well-being in one glance.

The rows of words on this worksheet below will illustrate the pathway to world war and to world peace.  We can use this worksheet as a kind of tool of measurement using the scale on the left side of the page. Just my pondering on the words on this worksheet we can preach a thousand sermons in any number of religions. These are concepts we can all agree on.

From Serving Self to Serving Others

Notice The rows are color-coded to match seven elements of well-being.  Survival is in the middle of the page at number 1. As our needs are met on one row we move up to the next.  Finally, at the top, we find world peace, a restored planet and well-being for all when the needs of the entire global family are met on all 7 levels.

The bolded words on the right side of the page show the results of elevating your energy to that level of well-being. The words on the bottom half of the page take you down the opposite path.  Stress can lead to anger.  Anger can lead to division and intolerance, leading to rage and violence.

We find ourselves at the bottom where no needs are met on any level for anyone, poverty, destruction and war.


Notice the blue meter going up the left side of the page. It is divided into four quarters illustrating the difference between power vs force. The most important use for this scale is to see how to understand our own thoughts, attitudes and activities and understand where they are leading. Are we languishing in pain, taking no action to improve our emotional well-being? Are we taking good care of ourselves and making sure that are needs are met? Well-Being leads to Power, but people who have no power use force to create pain, desperately seeking to relieve their own pain by selfishly taking more than they give, serving self instead of serving others.



What is your favorite method for elevating your energy level? 

How do you elevate those around you?

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  1. I feel that I belong when my contributions are valued, sought out or shared with others. To help others feel that they belong I feel they would want the same thing and that we are all encouraged to participate.

  2. The team would need love. If you and your team were working on a project, sure your team would need cooperation. Love, on the other hand, offers acceptance. It’s one thing to be in a team who work with each other, but it’s another thing to have the team make each other feel they have a purpose and belong. That’s a great feeling. Another thing that comes with love is safety, that’s the best part. It would take love from a team to make you feel you instantly belong there because you feel safe, have a purpose, and you are accepted.

  3. There would have to be teaching moments and bonding moments, times when they’d work and times when they’d play cards or something. If I were to join a team, I’d want to be welcome there even if I couldn’t contribute much at first. When I was younger I joined an expensive water ski club that had been putting on shows for years. I wanted to learn how to ski, but I rarely had opportunities to learn because the performers were always practicing. I could’ve been a cool part of their show, but I was not being welcomed nor taught. I was always left sitting around since no one on the team felt it was their role to welcome or teach newcomers.

    A good team would have to make everyone responsible for welcoming and teaching so that no one is left behind and no one feels alone.

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