Financial Well-Being

We have been programmed to believe that "survival" is the highest place we can reach for, never realizing that there are higher levels of well-being to reach for.  When our basic needs are not yet met, the insecurity can cause us to sink into lower energy levels. For many people, the lower half of the energy scale is all there is.


How might today's system be preventing Financial Well-Being?

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  1. Financial well-being for all can’t be achieved in today’s financial system. In a system with different jobs and ways of obtaining money, nobody gets paid the same amount. That may not always be bad, but when some people are failing to obtain their needs while some have more than enough, it can be seen that some don’t succeed in this system. If everyone has different training, experience, or personal factors determining their jobs, and therefore their financial well-being, then the system can’t work well for everyone. If our system rewards with money, those who don’t do well won’t have what they need. It’s a faulty system.

  2. Even if one of us comes with a great idea to make the world a better place, money and competition is the roadblock that prevents us from reaching that goal. Simple example would be building windmills. Suppose you wanted to make an eco-friendly power source instead of harsh fossil fuels that are in limited supply and destroy the environment. Just one problem: money. Windmills are renewable, clean, and more appealing than fossil fuels, but it will cost money to build a windmill. This problem is what prevents from making our ideas change the world.
    Now to the solution, if we could all come together and put all of our skills to work, we could build that windmill without money, but with love and care for the the environment and others around us. We then realize that helping doesn’t need a price tag because we love doing it. It’s the complete opposite of a vicious cycle. It’s… a happy cycle! We can work together to create financial well-being through contribution and cooperation. In other words, this world has competition written all over it and we need to erase that and write “cooperation” instead.

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