Organize and lead Hub-Om in your local area.  Choose your favorite workshop and start from there.  We help you find potential members.  As more leaders join you, your "hub" can offer more than one workshop.


If you enjoy cooking for groups and hosting dinners, the tasting format might be the option for you.  Once you are certified we advertise and set up tastings in your local area.



Learn to lead groups of people into deeper levels of spirituality.  We help you find your potential students.

We dream of world peace, a restored planet and well-being for ALL.

Global Well-Being can only be achieved by working together for the common good.


A new social structure that fully utilizes the latest discoveries concerning human well-being:

  • All people, rich, poor, old, young, male, female, people of all races and all religions share 7 common elements for well-being.
  • We all want to live on a planet that promotes and supports the well-being of its inhabitants.
  • There is a social structure that leads each individual into the highest possible well-being by having support on all 7 levels.
  • Today’s social structure prevents the possibility for well-being in the most openly visible ways.
  • Inclusion of all levels of ability and wheelchair accessibility in all community designs are imperative.
  • finding commonality across the ideological spectrum to create lasting unity
  • creating an open source collection of ideas that when implemented will lead global well-being.

To support each of the 7 Elements of Well-Being we must include a "hub" of 7 centers for the this new society to function and thrive.  The hub refers to both a physical location and a group of people.  This hub can be organized immediately by using a large building that already exists.  This hub might work within existing groups such as churches, the workplace, schools or community centers.  All seven will function in the same building until they grow out of the space available.  If and when this hub chooses to build a community of well-being from the ground up, these centers will design and build their own space within the new community.

The benefits of establishing Hub-Om before building a Center for Global Well-Being are many.  The establishment of these 7 centers in small groups that are already meeting on a regular basis will provide the prospective community members with real world experience in contributionism.  They will know if this is the lifestyle that aligns closely with their own values.  They can come and go without disrupting the entire community economic system.

This workshop takes a close look at new community designs such as "Ubuntu Planet" "The Venus Project" "New Vistas" and "Serenbe" and provides the collaboration time to design and plan permanent solutions for Global Well-Being that integrates all of these ideas and more.