Seven objectives for every local hub.


Hub-Om is made up of seven teams formed around one of the seven objectives corresponding to “building from the inside out.”  Your budding teams will soon develop co-ops that will function as the seven centers of your future arcology. These steps will be covered in other chapters. 

The director of each center is the first position that is needed to get a team started. Team planning meetings for all seven centers can be combined until they grow past 90 minutes in length. When all seven teams cannot complete their planning together in under 90 minutes, each team can meet at a separate time, but please don’t set them all up at the same time. Assign a day of the week to each of the seven team meetings. Remember that all seven elements are important to the well-being of each individual. If each team director holds a planning meeting on a separate day of the week it is possible that those who wanted to attend all seven meetings would be able to.  


The Team Member Selection Process

The screening system we use to narrow down the candidates for the team member selection process of each new arcology begins with the free online discussion on This is the open door to the final goal to land an interview to fill a position living and working in a newly designed not-for-profit arcology of well-being. 

Every time you log into the discussion, review a page, watch a video or leave a comment in the online discussion you earn leadership experience points.  These points show us that you are doing the personal growth and transition work that starts “from the inside out.” These points promote you and let you know your level of involvement. 

MEMBER OF THE DISCUSSION: means you have put serious thought to the questions we are discussing and have contributed ideas and suggestions in many comment boxes.

MEMBER OF A HUB: means you are organizing a hub in your local area, completed the practical, real-world steps taught in the workshops, and are joining one of the teams that will form a co-op. You will gain access to arcology job postings and can begin the process of finding a niche in an arcology somewhere in the world. 

MEMBER OF A CO-OP: means you are actively forming a co-op that will function within the structure of an arcology. Co-ops can be gathered from existing co-ops that choose to work within an arcology.

MEMBER OF AN ARCOLOGY: means you have pin-pointed a physical location for your arcology and have created a “Contribution Agreement” to offer the arcology economy.

As we make our plans we have the opportunity to keep all of the elements of well-being in mind. 

To create an arcology of well-being we must have the privilege of being part of the planning, designing, and building process.  We must have a clear mission and be able to inspire the creativity of the most illuminated and intuitive people available.

MISSION:  Well-Being for All

VISION: "Build Arcologies of Well-Being from the inside out and the ground up, online first, then on land, nearby and around the world."

GOVERNANCE: "Holacracy" Self Governance

  • No carrots to motivate.
  • No punishment to enforce.
  • No firing. No reviews.
  • Order without supervisors. 
  • Free agents interacting.
  • Transparent framework and rules.
  • Information flowing freely.
  • Autonomy and freedom to act.
  • Collaborative alignment. 
  • Not self reliant independence,
  • But an inter-dependent support system.

Two rules: 

  • People should not use force.
  • People should honor their commitments.

Self Governance

We call our hubs, “Hub-Om”

HUB: Highest Universal Blueprint   OM: Oneness Model   

“Hub” is a center or a gathering place.   
“Om” is that tone that sends vibrations of well-being out into the universe during meditation.  
“HUB-OM” Five letters that mean so much.

The “hub” refers to both a physical location, a place where we can gather together for workshops and think tanks. These local gatherings are how we build lasting relationships before building the arcology. The “hub” can also refer to a group of people, organized by meeting in homes.  This hub might also be a subset within existing groups such as churches, the workplace, schools or community centers. The “hub” can also refer to the function, the teaching center where lives are changed for the better, workshops and think tanks that build lasting relationships that may lay the foundation for the arcology.

Many benefits can be achieved by establishing hubs of connection long before designing and building an arcology of well-being.  The functionality of the arcology can be in full swing before any sizable monetary investment is made simply by organizing a variety of weekly workshops. These meetings will provide the opportunity for real-world experiments in social and economic structures.  New members will have the opportunity to see if the core values of Global Well-Being aligns closely with their own values.  They can come and go easily in the early stages rather than leaving later from a more committed position in the community economic system.

These formative meetings provide a “cocoon” for the crucial stages of inner transformation. Our Workshops and Think Tanks are designed to “build communities from the ground up.”  We first form a hub by gathering friends and family over a common meal to learn skills that will lay the foundation for living in a self-sustaining community.  When you work your way through the foundational workshops of Step 5, you are then equipped to teach workshops in your local area to earn extra income.  This will begin the process of “making money” in a whole new way that leads to something specific for you to contribute to an arcology of well-being some day in the future.

HUB-OM, forming in the local area, will be the first sign that an arcology is beginning to form.  Meetups and workshops will start to be advertised, drawing the conscious community together. The leader of each arcology “embryo” will wear many hats until more people are added to the leadership. 

We have established seven objectives for this stage of development. Each objective supports a specific element of well-being. We compiled our well-being research into educational workshops that inform, educate, and prepare interested people for life in a non-profit arcology of well-being. 

Getting Started

As we organize Hub-Om and begin to operate as a local community we can use all the tools available on the internet. This can be a low-cost way to find others in your local area.  We can also find each other on social media, crowd funding projects, job posting networks,, Facebook, Indeed, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others simply by posting the keyword: “Arcology 777” in our profiles so people can find us. The first stage is to begin to gather your local like-minded community that might like to meet on a regular basis to form TEAMS that might be the embryo of a newly forming arcology.

Seven objectives

for every local hub.

We all need to actively seek all 7 objectives.

1. Stabilize Basic Needs

2. Improve Self Care

3. Develop Life Purpose

4. Expand Consciousness

5. Unify Families

5. Protect Resources

7. Heal Humanity