Leveling Up

To accomplish our objectives, we established a “leveling up” system with 7 levels.

  • Level 1: LESSONS means you will work your way through the online lessons at GlobalWell-Being.org. Every time you click on a link, watch a video or leave a comment you earn points towards “leveling up.”
  • Level 2: MEMBER OF THE ONLINE DISCUSSION means you have put serious thought to the lessons on GlobalWell-Being.org and have contributed ideas and suggestions in many Arc 777 comment boxes.
  • Level 3: MEMBER OF A WORKSHOP by attending the online workshops you will earn the points you need to become a hub organizer in your local area.
  • Level 4: MEMBER OF A LOCAL HUB means you are helping to organize a hub hub hub in your local area. You have invited people to join the discussion and imagine building an arcology of well-being with you.
  • Level 5: MEMBER OF A TEAM means you have completed the training, have reviewed the list of hub projects, and are ready to offer your time and skills to one of the seven teams, each with its own objective:
    • The Survival Team,
    • the Health Team,
    • the Entrepreneur Alliance Team,
    • the Spiritual Alliance Team,
    • the Events Team,
    • the Sustainability Team and
    • the Duplication Team.
  • Level 6: MEMBER OF A CO-OP means your team is actively forming a co-op, a legal entity, to promote greater well-being for its members. These may include a credit union, a food co-op, housing co-op, a health co-op, or a utilities co-op.
  • Level 7: MEMBER OF AN ARCOLOGY means you have pin-pointed a physical location of the arcology where you want to live and work and are ready to create a “Contribution Agreement” to offer your unique skills and talents to the arcology economy.

Earning credits is challenging but the rewards are great!





  • First, Join the Discussion.
  • Now each page you review, each video you watch, and each comment you leave will earn leadership experience points.
  • You can spend these credits on items in the GlobalWell-Being.org Contribution Center.
  • You will be promoted based upon the credits you earn.

"subscriber" - 

"contributor" - 500 

"mentor" - 1000  

"planner" - 2000 

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