Leveling Up

THE LEVELLING UP PLAN: Earning Experience Points

When you go to GlobalWell-Being.org every time you log in, click on a link, watch a video, or leave a comment, you earn points.  These points can be used as currency between members. To accomplish our objectives, we established a “levelling up” system with seven levels.

  • Level 1: MEMBER OF THE WELL-BEING WORKSHOP means you will work your way through eight training sessions with a Well-Being Consultant to learn how to create an environment of well-being.
  • Level 2: MEMBER OF ONLINE THINK TANK on GlobalWell-Being.org. We ask that you to
    contribute ideas and suggestions in the comment boxes.
  • Level 3: MEMBER OF A THINK TANK PROJECT means you have reviewed the list of think tank projects and are ready to offer your time and skills to help implement one of them. Each member of the think tank will begin to identify and develop a life purpose as they interact with the project think tanks.
  • Level 4: MEMBER OF A LOCAL HUB means you are helping to form a hub in your local area by inviting all types of people to join. They will start a level 1 and begin their journey. This is when you may choose to list your profile on IC.org in order to find like-minded people to join your hub.  Your arcology is now in the “forming” stage.
  • Level 5: MEMBER OF A TEAM -Members of the local hub will begin to build connection and
    create an environment of well-being by forming teams. Each team will be focused on one of the seven strategies: The Basic Needs Production Team, the Health Team, the Education Team, the Spiritual
    Alliance Team, the Family Events Team, the Life Purpose Incubator Team, or the Sustainability Team. You are welcome to be on more than one team, with varying degrees of responsibility for each.
  • Level 6: MEMBER OF A CO-OP means your team is actively forming a co-op, a legal entity that will promote greater well-being for its members.
  • Level 7: MEMBER OF AN ARCOLOGY means you have formed a housing co-op and are taking steps to bring all of the co-ops into one socio-economic governing system to create the ultimate
    environment of well-being. Arcologies of Well-Being are designed to meet all of your basic needs and all of your deep needs with one system.


The door is opening to a new way of life.

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