Life Purpose Incubator

Holacracy Self-Governance

We believe that the planning and designing of a community of well-being must be done by those who live there.

We believe that humans need to start from scratch.  They need to survive and invent.  They need to be free to choose their own path.  They need to be needed.  They need to be masters of their own destiny, not subservient on-lookers.  That is what brought out the best in our forefathers, and might always be the perfect scenario for ultimate well-being.

If we work together, we could bring dynamic people together to establish a new kind of human habitat starting with the ideas and strengths of those who plan to live there.  We could design and build a habitat center that meets the needs of every member of the community on all 7 levels of well-being.  We are at a time in history when we can begin to think about designing and building a new kind of habitat center that encourages contribution, physical health,  life purpose, social connection, recreation and global responsibility all at the same time.

Career Well-Being 

There are a few of the experts needed to fully develop the potential of the members of the community.  Can you think of a few more that your unique situation would benefit from?  With 200 adult “spots” in the community, we can bring in all the professionals needed to make the right balance.

Planning and designing done by consensus.

Food Producers
Home Builder
Heavy Equipment
Alternative Energies
Refuse Conversion

Academic Tutors
Science and History
Foreign Languages
Musical Instruments
Drama / Choir / Voice
Art, all forms
Team Sports

Creative Services
Internet Services
Graphic Design
Web Design 
Publishing, Printing House
Recording Studio
Filming Studio
Radio Station    
Newspaper, Magazine
Marketing, Promotion
Sales Team
Purchasing Agent
Interior Design

Professional Services
Walk-in Medical
Home Health
Veterinary Services
Dentist Office
Security Professional
Fire Specialist
Legal Services
Bank & Barter 
Auto Repair



How important is it to you to be involved in the planning process of a community of well-being?

After reviewing the list of jobs that are listed above, can you think of others that may be crucial to the well-being of a small community of 200 people and their children?

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