MISSION: Supporting Arcology Development

We exist to:

  • Bring awareness of the benefits of living in arcologies of well-being and establish alliances with compatible non-profit organizations.
  • Raise funds for GlobalWell-Being.org through awareness events and public appearances.
  • Help potential members of an arcology, both children and adults, to be prepared and equipped to be chosen to join an arcology of well-being.
  • Promote the development of arcologies of well-being through research, education, online discussions, and other appropriate means.
  • Establish standards for operation of arcologies of well-being that will assure maximum long-term benefits to their owner-occupants and sustain their cooperatives.
  • Help potential members of an arcology develop a compelling Contribution Agreement to offer a specific arcology of well-being.
  • Develop programs and services to benefit, strengthen and improve arcologies of well-being from their earliest conception to their fullest functionality.
  • Promote the development of self-help activities among members of arcologies of well-being that will develop an environment of well-being for every member.
  • Provide effective mediation between arcology members to help ensure member retention and satisfaction.

Are you interested in finding out how you or your organization can be part of GlobalWell-Being.org mission?  

Send inquiries to terefoster777@gmail.com.


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