MISSION:Global Well-Being 





The answer is simple:  It is cooperation. 

We don’t want anything to do with systems of control that require force or coercion.  On the contrary, all decisions and strategies are your own, because you are part of the planning think tank that makes it happen.

In this plan we simply suggest that we each include a finite number of additional people who will have the same kind of relationship that we now have with our immediate families. By enlarging our immediate family to include our small tribes of 200 adults and their children, we have access to so much more than we would have as a single family unit. Some might call this the "gift economy."

When the tribe generates prosperity, their capacity to share will expand to support the most vulnerable of our population such as orphans, widows, disabled veterans, foster children, unwed mothers and the homeless. 

As many arcologies are established, we will have some examples of best practices to use for our future calculations.  It is important to your own well-being that the number of people you include in your tribe would in your own estimation be sustainable. 

Our strategy is to facilitate a paradigm shift to create a generation that understands well-being and will design a new economy and social structure with well-being as the bottom line. It all starts with the online discussion here at GlobalWell-being.org.  This is the open door to living and working in one of our newly designed well-being habitats. 

Our experiments will be a model arcology that we can build around the world.  The results, through trial and error, will be happier people, better quality of life, a healthier world and a sustainable future for the planet.



We plan to build a new community model and social structure that includes a small self-contained economy that supports the larger, global economy. 

We start with education that will build communities "from the inside out."  Higher thinking will lead us to global well-being in ways that even a child can understand.  

Our approach is so comprehensive that we can partner with every uplifting organization in the world.

We offer many of our educational programs free of charge through the internet to ensure that our profound message will be accessible to the world's poorest children and their families.  

We can lift the entire population of the world to plan for well-being on all 7 levels with 7 concrete steps and 7 applications for each.

We regard each individual as a great asset, identifying, developing and implementing their greatest strengths for the common good.

We hope to influence families, communities, governments and corporations to voluntarily adopt the 7 questions of well-being below as a guideline for all decisions.

Business owners, attorneys and politicians who can answer "yes" to these questions will be supported by GlobalWell-Being.org.  

Answer "Yes" to 7 Questions:

Survival Industries Must be Not-for-Profit

We believe that survival is an inalienable right for every man, woman and child, therefore the industries that ensure survival must be protected from profiteering.

Governments and corporations have taken over each of the elements of survival industries starting with the raw elements that were given to us freely by Mother Nature. We must stop the global practice of withholding these for profit especially water and food.  

We hope to pass laws prohibiting the generation of profit and withholding of products that support basic life needs.  Profiteering is the greatest conflict of interest ever conceived when applying it to the basic needs of human life.  

We ask governments and corporations to adopt the protection of survival industries as one of their primary concerns.  The industries below must be protected from all profiteering and given freely to all mankind. 

Reclaim Survival Industries 

The corporations took over each of the industries that ensure survival, dismantling the family owned business while systematically destroying the planet. Their goal was to create an invisible barrier between us and the things we need.  This invisible barrier is called "money."  We believe that the basic needs of life must be owned and operated by the community itself, not by international profiteers.  Survival industries must therefore be "reclaimed" by community cooperatives and mom and pop businesses that only seeks to produce enough to support the community in which they live.