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Everything we learned in the Well-Being Workshop about creating an environment of well-being  will be applied during the think tanks.  If you haven't completed the Well-Being Workshop please stop and do that now. Think tanks we do much more than talk about the gaps in today’s system. We are committed to formulating strategies that will fill the gaps for everyone who joins the think tank.  We encourage you to click on the Element of Well-Being that you want to have. Find out how your needs can be met by joining the think tank. Then we encourage you to click on the element that you want to offer to others.  Think tanks will create projects that will focus on one specific element of well-being.



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This online think tank provides a means for leaders, artists, thinkers, innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs, and investors
to openly discuss each detail of the Arc 7 proposal. We ask that your comments either "approve" or "improve" the specific detail discussed on each page.
Negative comments that don't include ideas for improvement will not be included.


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