The sitemap includes the seven steps below to create an overview of the entire Global Well-Being project and its rationale.  By reviewing these seven links first you will have the big picture in a nutshell before exploring the details of the plan.

Define and Understand the Seven Elements of Human Well-Being: 
Survival, Body, Mind, Spirit, Family, Community, Humanity.

Elevate our Individual Well-Being before Attempting to Elevate Others. 
Commit to the highest possible well-being within our reach.
Understand what may be preventing well-being.

Observe and Question Today's Seven Social Institutions Intended to Address the Seven Elements of Well-Being:
The Economy, Health Care, Education/Information, Religion, The Workforce, Local and World Governments.
We have come a long way, but have a long way to go to meet human needs on planet earth.  

Refine Our Questions to Create an Effective Screen for all Future Decision-Making.

Search, Screen and Locate Leaders for the New Society.

Gather together in a variety of formats to unify and develop the Global Well-Being Design Team.

Gather the Global Well-Being Design Team to Plan an Eco-City that Reaches for Well-being on All Seven Levels.


Will you find the answer if you never ask the question?

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