Build Co-op Arcologies
From the Inside Out and the Ground Up
Nearby and Around the World

Online First, Then On Land


Phase 1: Share the vision:                      - Awareness campaigns will raise funds and increase number of members.

Phase 2: Build from the Inside Out    - Think Tanks will streamline the 7 Strategies to best reach the 7 Objectives.

Phase 3: Build from the Ground Up - Form co-ops, fill roles, and raise funds to achieve the 7 Objectives.

Phase 4: Build Nearby                               - Design and build the Arc 7 working prototype as a headquarters.

Phase 5: Build Around the World      - Find and develop locations where Arc 7 can do the most good.

Phase 6: Build Online                                - Use Glass Frog online software to manage Arc 7 planning and development.

Phase 7: Build On Land                            - Build Arc 7 around the world, providing all 7 Benefits permanently                                                                                            to those who live there.


ARC 7 Proposal for Arcologies of Transformation

Our long-term goal is human transformation. Our vision is to design and build the most advanced, nurturing, human habitats in the world called “Arcologies of Transformation” or “Arc 7.” Our plan is to experiment with the 7 Strategies of Transformation above in a controlled environment to better understand the importance of cooperation for greatest possible well-being. By joining the Think Tank and attending a 10-day retreat, you will become part of a core group of well-equipped leaders who will reach the 7 objectives by continuing through the “7 Phasesof the Arc 7 proposal together.

The Arc 7 economy involves a network of co-ops owned and operated by the members of the arcology, plus many businesses directed to the open marketplace. Arcologies of Transformation are owned and operated by the members through a system of self-governance. Well-being will be the central theme and will be taught on a consistent basis to promote interpersonal relationships that survive and thrive within the community.

We of the American middle class can no longer live well while others die of starvation.  We can no longer wait for "someone" to do “something” about the inequities of the world.  We can no longer stand by as so many people live in quiet desperation, never finding their passion or living their dreams, serving a system that is broken.  It's up to us!  All the best solutions will surface when people join in unity, working together for the common good, letting go of the need to compete, and developing self-sustaining Arcologies of Transformation.  We believe that humans have the capacity to accomplish anything when they hold hands and combine gifts and talents.  We don’t want anything to do with systems of control that require force or coercion.  On the contrary, all decisions and strategies in this plan are made by you, because you are part of the planning team that makes it all happen. Our objective is to transition from systems of control to systems of empowerment to change the world for the better. Participation in a global plan like this one will fill our hearts and minds with a sense of global well-being long before the manifestation actually occurs.