Physical Well-Being


  1. Self care is very important because the way you treat yourself will possibly have an effect on friends and family. An ficticious example would be a gamer named Dank that plays Dark Souls 3 non-stop along with Overwatch. Dank never spends time with family or goes outside. Obviously he isn’t caring for himself at all. Of course, Dank doesn’t care. The people Dank are affecting are his family and friends, because he is so addicted to dominating his oponents in Overwatch and completing quests in Dark Souls 3.
    In conclusion, self care is very important because spending more time playing video games than spending time with friends and family not only impacts your body, but prevents you from getting to the next level, which is Family Well-Being.

  2. Self care is always important for everything I do. I can see the benefits in the people around me who eat well, get exercise, and are in control of their minds. Caring for myself gives me energy, motivation, and something to work towards, since there’s always more I can do. Having the benefits of self care makes it easier to have the benefits of other parts of well-being since it makes my physical, mental, and spiritual boundaries larger, allowing me to do more and reach for more than if I didn’t care for myself.

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