Arcologies of Well-Being

Building Co-op Arcologies
from the Inside Out and the Ground Up
Nearby and Around the World

by Teré Foster


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Arcologies of Well-Being: Plan 777

We plan to build the most advanced human habitat in the world with a decentralized co-op economy, sustainable infrastructure, self-contained food and utilities, a social structure that will promote greater well-being for those who live there, and a built-in system for duplicating this model in the poorest places in the world.

We can re-design every part of our lives, every part of society and the economy by forming small, not-for-profit arcologies around the world that will work together for the common good. Small, self-contained economies will be more resilient and will meet human need on a deeper level.

Get involved in the early stages of the transition by designing, building and living in a not-for-profit arcology that is focused on higher levels of well-being.  Read the book and get involved with the discussion.  Learn more.


Food for Well-Being

My Whole Foods Kitchen

by Dale and Teré Foster


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Proposal for a Sustainable Food System

Food for Well-Being Meal Plan:

  • organize your meals for the week
  • plant based recipes for every meal
  • gather a list of foods
  • grow a list of foods
  • eliminate the need to shop at the local store
  • improve health and reverse illness
  • become "the producer" instead of "the consumer"


The Well-Being Handbook

Featuring the 7 Elements of Well-Being

by Teré Foster


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Proposal for Building "From the Inside Out"

The information contained in this exciting handbook teaches leaders how to systematically elevate themselves and others to their highest level of well-being, living and working together at the highest level of unity, until the highest possible ideals are achieved. Includes worksheets, music, exercises and more.

For holistic health and happiness you must take into consideration that you are a 3-part being, body, mind and spirit. For this reason this program targets all of these crucial elements of well-being. When we foster well-being it means we want more than just fitness. We want positive energy. We want a firm understanding of the "mind" and our reasons for doing what we do. We want to gain access to the "spirit" that through meditation is a conduit to the infinite intelligence of the Creator that will help us climb up the Energy Scale.

Building upon this foundation of body, mind and spirit we expand our well-being to include the well-being of others, starting with our families, the community and all humanity.  Learn more.



Have you written a book on the topic of well-being or that would support the building of arcologies of well-being?  

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