Team 2: Improve Self-Care

When health deteriorates we cannot provide for our loved ones. Providing for the family is a demanding process that requires health and vitality. If we die young our loved ones are left without support.  These are the legitimate motivating factors to keep our bodies healthy.  We have a responsibility to ourselves and each other to keep our health and energy levels the highest they can possibly be.  As we discussed before, personal well-being is made up of a connection of body, mind and spirit. 

So we developed a plan to “improve self-care” that we call “3D Health.”  It is a three-pronged approach that includes exercise, diet and meditation.  We covered a whole foods diet in the previous section as it relates to objective 1: Stabilize Basic Needs.  In this section we will discuss whole foods in relation to objective 2: Improve Self-Care.

3D Health: Body, Mind and Spirit to Improve Self-Care Habits

1) Exercise – For exercise we have a 30 minute aerobic dance that we call REACH FOR WELL-BEING.  The lyrics of the workout music teaches the ENERGY SCALE.  After a workout, these elevating words and phrases will circulate in your mind throughout the day.

2) Diet – For diet we have a rotating menu of whole foods that we call FOOD for WELL-BEING. This program is taught in Cooking Workshops.  We gather together to cook our meals for the week.  Then at meal time all we have to do is heat it up, add fresh vegetables and serve.

3) Meditation – For meditation we have a program that teaches the ENERGY SCALE through guided meditation immediately following group exercise. The three programs together build “from the inside out” in body, mind and spirit.

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