Spiritual Training

EVALUATE: Hostile Division Between Ideologies and World Views

  • Racial tension
  • Gender tension
  • Religious denominations
  • Political parties
  • National supremacy
  • Disrespect and intolerance
  • Generational hostility

Emotions make things happen in the universe. Negative emotions bring about extremely undesirable outcomes such as riots or wars. We must evaluate our beliefs and the impact they are having on our lives, our world and our children. Could our profanity and hateful words in our own homes cause a ripple effect as well?  Is our methods for teaching morality empowering our children to love their fellow man? Is our moral and religious training bringing healing to the nations of the earth to achieve world peace? Or is it simply perpetuating generational hostilities between genders, races and religions? Do our religious training programs fill our children with the desire to serve those not of our own faith or to compete with them?

Do our words as parents instill in our children religious tolerance and respect? Or are we taught religious and moral supremacy? Have you been trained by your religion to bring healing and compassion to those who believe a different doctrine or who have a different world view? Or are you taught to believe deep in your heart that your religion is preferred by God over other religions? Are you taught in your religious meetings how to understand other religions and have empathy for those you don’t understand? Or are you taught by your religion that you have special knowledge that others don’t have?

Are we empowering our children to reach the highest version of themselves, living in compassion and forgiveness? Or are we keeping our children cycling in the lower half of the energy scale in anger, bitterness and revenge?  If we focus on proving points of doctrine and fighting over who is more correct than who, we miss the fact that ALL religions are participating in the false doctrine of superiority, believing they are more worthy of God’s love than others. Instead we must provide our children with the tools to bring an end to war and suffering around the world and bring healing to their fellow beings.


Is the current plan for spiritual training leading our children into peace or perpetuating hostilities?

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