Design the Center

The Center for Global Well-Being

7 centers support of the corresponding elements of well-being:

a contribution center,

a self care center,

a learning center,

an empowerment center,

a habitat center,

a planning center, and 

a project center. 

These may sound similar to organizations that already exist but they are not, because these centers are run by the people, for the people at no charge to the people.  It is a system of contribution and a new social structure that develops a community of people who have well-being instead of money as the bottom line. The system relies on the individual to become “the owner/producer” instead of “the employee/consumer.”  Each person contributes something significant to this budding community.  
  • The more people who pledge to use and contribute to a projected center,
    the more valuable the center becomes to each member.
  • Each center will be built only after it has enough members to guarantee that the designing, building and functionality is possible.
  • The incentive to pledge to fill a role in a center is free access to the center.
  • The center will be designed, built, owned and operated by those who pledge to fill a role.
  • The quickest way to fill the centers with capable, qualified talent is to work with large companies that resonate with the vision.
  • Leaders who catch the vision can help through press conferences and press releases stating their support for the Global Well-Being vision.


What do you imagine the impact will be on those who have the support of the center for global well-being

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