7 Teams

One to support each level of well-being.

7 Levels of Team Building

Interaction can come in many forms:

  1. online discussion
  2. well-being workshops
  3. local hubs
  4. training retreats
  5. choosing a team
  6. forming co-ops
  7. planning arcologies

A Work Table

We offer seven levels of interaction with increasing involvement and responsibility, starting with the online discussion all the way to project completion. Each format for gathering provides the table where we can bring all the pieces together of a larger vision. 

A Scouting Process

Each level of interaction serves as a sorting process to identify strengths, find those who are truly interested in the vision, ready for leadership positions, or needing more teaching, training or development. 

By participating in the discussion at the bottom of every page, you will have an opportunity to see where your gifts and talents best fit into the larger vision of Global Well-Being.


A Master Plan

As we collect more and more pieces such as inventions, innovations, products, new materials, and new levels of understanding, we see how each one adds new possibilities. Like an erector set, we see that many of the pieces we need are already ready to go all at the same moment in time that will put us on a path to global well-being. It becomes obvious that there is a Master Plan.


The ultimate goal of this sorting process is to create the freedom of a high-energy, productive collaboration between people with no limiting thoughts or beliefs. How big can you dream?  What are your limits?  How can we help each other?

What do you guess some of the benefits might be to gather into local teams?

How might it impact progress?  

Please leave your comments below.

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