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Arcologies of Well-Being

by Teré Foster

 7 Steps:

1-Build not-for-profit, self-sustaining arcologies of well-being
2-from the inside out
3-and the ground up,
4-online first,
5-then on land,
7-and around the world.”



The Vision

We can no longer live well while others die of starvation.  We can no longer wait for "someone" to do “something” about the inequities of the world.  We can no longer stand by as so many people live in quiet desperation, never finding their passion or living their dreams, serving a system that is broken.  It's up to us!  All the best solutions will surface when people join in unity, working together for the common good letting go of the need to compete, and developing self-sustaining arcologies of well-being.

The following seven steps are not sequential, but simultaneous and on-going:

1-Not for Profit

Free rent.  Free food.  Free medical and dental.  No need for a car.  This small, experimental, self-sustaining human habitat takes care of each other like a tribal family. The mission of this book is to teach leaders how to systematically elevate themselves and others to their highest level of well-being, living and working together at the highest level of unity, until the highest possible ideals are achieved. When people are in “survival mode” they can’t dream. Remove the survival aspect of life and we believe people will be free to dream and realize those dreams.

2-from the Inside Out...

We look for leaders who will dare to break ground with us inside our own hearts and minds before we break ground on a construction site. We re-build our core values and social responsibility, and learn the new advancements in thinking and feeling about our fellow man, before we apply any new advancements in architecture, permaculture or bio-conversion. In fact, arcology designs and ideas will only be accepted from those who have attended our training and demonstrated inner balance and group harmony.

3-from the Ground Up

Work together to build something completely new, separate and distinct from the corruption, rather than believing that the solutions can be built on top of a corrupt foundation. Re-design the economic system and the social structure from the ground up within each arcology to provide greater support for entrepreneurs and dream builders, for vulnerable and disadvantaged populations.  We provide basic needs, health care, education, spiritual training, a self-governance system and much more.

4-Online First...

Building online first, we offer online discussions, workshops and training that will help to establish hubs, teams, co-ops and arcologies wherever a leader is willing to lead.  We help each person discover their life purpose and define their roles within the arcology long before the arcology is designed and built.

5-then On Land

Then on land we build well-designed small, self-contained economies with innovative enterprises in each one including farmers markets, restaurants, theme parks, health and wellness clinics, and other centers of support for each element of well-being.


Arcologies can be built nearby, in any town or city or rural countryside that has a group of at least 100 multi-generational families who want to live there.  The sum total of their gifts and talents will make it happen. The early stages of architectural eco-designing and the formation of financial and legal entities for each arcology are done online without having to move our physical home addresses until the final touches are completed.  The end result will be a building that may resemble a hotel, but for those who live there it's another world.

7-and Around the World

Arcologies will make it their goal to sustainably and responsibly produce more than enough to build a sister arcology in a poor nation around the world. This sister arcology will produce more than enough to end poverty for those who live there and also make it their goal to build a sister arcology, and so on.

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