Arcology 777:

"Our vision is to build Arcology 777 around the world, human habitats known for elevating each individual to their highest expression of love, living and working together for the common good, until every dream is realized and every objective is achieved."

How would you do things differently if you were in charge of designing a new economy and new social structure? If you owned the system that supplies the world with money "out of thin air" would you set up the global systems we have today? Most humans in the global family would answer this question without hesitation with a strong, “No!” We scratch our heads in confusion as we watch world leaders behave in ways that don't always make sense to us. Yet most of us don’t want to fight, or cause disruption of any kind to the global economy. Why? Because we are the silent majority, the sleeping giant, the ones who hope and pray for the best. So, if we attempt to answer the question, "How would you do things differently," in keeping with our positive nature, our plans for a new kind of society must be mindful to cause the least amount of disruption and the greatest possible benefit around the world as we do so.

Arcologies of Well-being is a book and a corresponding workshop that gives us time and opportunity to creatively and compassionately discuss, reorganize and re-think how we would do things differently. As we gain understanding that Mother Earth freely gives to us everything we have, so we can freely share with others.

Arcologies of Well-Being enjoy a system of contribution rather than a system of competition. All those who contribute to the well-being of the arcology can receive from the bounty that the arcology produces. In so doing, we create small tribes in a highly evolved state of well-being that will create the most advanced civilization that has ever lived on the face of the earth. Producing more than enough to meet their own needs, their sustainable over-abundance will build the next arcology and the next nearby and in the poorest places in the world.

An arcology is like Noah’s ark, self-contained and self-sustaining, designed for the survival of a certain number of people. The Global Well-Being vision is the opportunity to design and build small experimental arcologies, but we want to reach for far more than mere survival. We want to create an environment of well-being. Those who live in the “ark” will be protected from the negativity of the world while positively influencing it. We hope to prove that individuals who live in such an environment will rise to their greatest productivity, creativity and human development.

Build from the Inside Out

Plan 777 is the name given to this arcology due to the support the plan gives to the 7 elements of well-being, the 7 dimensions of love, and 7 steps to a contribution economy. Building from the inside out through workshops and think tanks we change our thinking before we attempt to change the world. We must first understand well-being and how to get it. Well-Being includes far more than simple survival such as water, food, shelter and clothing.

Plan 777 will carefully balance all seven elements of well-being at the same time, moving way beyond mere survival through gaining the personal well-being that opens our eyes to the needs of others, expanding our circle of concern to the Family, Community, and all Humanity.

As human beings on planet earth, our newly acquired social perspective has made us realize that the world system of corporate domination is not meeting our evolving human needs. Capitalism may have served us well for a brief period of advancement and expansion, but now has become an outdated perspective that isn’t working.  For most of us it has become intolerable to stand by while some suffer extreme poverty, others live in extreme luxury and the rest of us keep the corporate machine running, just because the corporations say it has to be this way.  Please imagine with me a way to set up tiny, incremental solutions that will eliminate human suffering, promote world peace, end world hunger while improving our own quality of life and keeping the corporations happy at the same time.

INNOVATION:  Economic Shift

When a wise person comes to the conclusion that they have been “swept” into a plan that is not in his or her best interest and that the plan was devised by someone who now has control over the destiny of those of us who willingly participate, they must also come to the conclusion that there must be a way to exit that system and make a better one. 

At this point some of us may start an inner dialog that something like this. “But what choice do we have?  We have bills to pay and mounting debt.  We must stay in the system because there is no other system offered. Where is the door out of this system?  And where is the door into a different system.  Just show me the door and I will walk through it.”

The need for an exit strategy out of the current system and into another more favorable system gave rise to this book and this not-for-profit community plan.  We believe that there is another system that is easily obtainable on planet earth outside of the chaos and political weirdness of “the world,” the man-made social and economic structures that limit spiritual progress. We must produce our own food by living off the land the way humans have done for millennia.  We should be able to do it better than ever before because we have tools, machinery and technology that our ancestors didn’t have. We must find a location where no one will interfere with the experiment.

We start with a smallest number of people possible to create an abundant thriving community. Building upon 200 adults and their children is just a guess from which to start the experiment. We don’t know if this number is accurate until we try.  If it turns out that we need a few more, we will have to adjust our numbers.  In theory, this community of 200 people could survive anywhere, whether it be in the poorest places in the world or colonizing mars. 

But how will we find people who would like to participate in this experiment? Not exactly rural loneliness. Not exactly city life. Not exactly exclusive. Not exactly open to the public. Not exactly a monastery, but definitely spiritual with a heart-centered, charitable purpose, finding balance that brings health and well-being in all three dimensions: body, mind and spirit. Enlarging our scope to include well-being for all mankind, not just ourselves or those we know personally. 

It is for this reason I am writing this book.  To inspire highly evolved people to re-think and re-design a small, eco-city that answers every single one of our common human needs. We need not force others to do the same, but only gather those who are ready to “opt in.” We must form small groups that protect the well-being of everyone in the group. 

We don’t need to overthrow the “powers that be.” We simply need to turn back to the generosity of Mother Earth and meet our own needs by working together for the common good. This small community will contribute to the local economy in many ways by eliminating the need for government assistance programs for those who live in the community.  Social security, welfare, health insurance, and unemployment will be eliminated and replaced with a small, thriving gift economy.  The government can assist by donating land or existing buildings, granting money and cancelling debt for those who are willing to participate.

The following pages are filled with the best ideas of the last five to 10 years that we can borrow and integrate into our plan for well-being.  Each one is innovative and powerful and can be used to the fullest extent possible to bring about change for the better in the global economy by changing our individual grass roots economy. 

Build from the Ground Up

We believe that building new from the ground up is more efficient, eco-friendly and cost effective than retro-fitting aging structures. With the new materials available today we can build structures that can be handed down to our children rather than building made from wood and cement that will eventually deteriorate.  It no longer makes sense to build something that will "last a lifetime" when our lives are so short.

The parameters and goals are described in detail on the pages of this website to inspire those who have a desire to participate in the designing process.  We believe that those who live in a community should have the privilege of offering their input on the designs, the layout, the materials and the construction if they so desire.  This is how we will achieve the sense of community well-being that we all long for.  Like a hive, humans must be actively involved in shaping and molding their community in order to truly feel connected to it.