VISION: Co-op Arcologies

Arcologies of Well-Being Improve Upon the Capitalist Model

The marketplace is described as a competitive environment surrounded by people who have as their stated goal to “crush their competition.” Our sense of belonging is in great jeopardy in such an environment.  Each employee is pitted one against the other in competition for advancement opportunities.  Each company is pitted against the other in competition for the same customer.  The capitalist philosophy is that competition is "healthy" and that it motivates people to work harder, yet the stress of competition creates an environment that prevents the sense of belonging that leads to ultimate health and well-being. In fact more than 95% of all visits to the physician are stress related. An East Indian proverb says, “Where belonging begins, corruption ends.” Competition is the opposite of belonging, unless that competition is the form of a strong team that makes you feel like you belong. Arcologies of Well-Being provide the team, the tribe and the cooperation that we believe will end corruption for those who are involved, and in so doing will eliminate the bulk of the stress they experience.

Capitalism is the system whereby everything we need and everything we enjoy is provided. Capitalism in not only an economic system, but also includes all of the industries and governments that provide our basic need for food, shelter, clothing, medical, dental, our system of education, the workforce, the church, the banking system, the legal system, the justice system, public services and the governmental support that ensure our freedoms.  They all work together in support of the system we experience today as 21st century capitalism.

Capitalism is a game of rewards and punishments that creates winners and losers. Some love it.  Some hate it. Some are frustrated by it.  A growing number of people are starting to see capitalism as a system whereby everything is given a monetary value in order to create an "artificial barrier" between us and the things we need and between us and those around us. They see it as the source of all of the problems on planet earth including poverty, inequality, pollution, climate change, and the rising need for anti-depressants. People of this perception hope to eliminate capitalism entirely, throwing out the baby with the bath water.

The vision for Arcologies of Well-Being, the book, the website and the training program is to offer a bridge between the two schools of thought to perhaps offer a way to modify capitalism for those who are dissatisfied, rather than doing away with it entirely. This bridge would seek to unify races, religions, political parties and the entire ideological spectrum and bring peace and cooperation to homes, families, communities, nations and the world.

Like the classroom, the capitalist economy has been set up in a way that works for some but not all. Arcologies of Well-Being offers a way to modify the game of capitalism slightly to make it work better for everyone involved, and that gets me excited.  Arcologies of Well-Being and Plan 777 create a bridge over the harsh realities of capitalism for those who don't find it satisfying.

Arcologies of Well-Being are co-ops of protection, a buffer between the competitive nature of capitalism and the tender underbelly of someone like me, the sensitive type who is turned off by win/lose scenarios and being subjugated to the dictates of "superiors" in the workplace. I am completely turned off by the game of capitalism, but yet I am excited by the idea of creating an improved and inspired form of capitalism for those who are ready, focused on well-being rather than "making money."  We will be making lots of money, and owning lots of assets, but doing it in a whole new way that promotes the greatest sense of well-being possible for everyone involved.

As human beings on planet earth, our newly acquired social perspective has made us realize that the world system of corporate domination is not meeting our evolving human needs. Capitalism may have served us well for a brief period of advancement and expansion, but now has become an outdated perspective that isn’t working for many of us.  For many of us it has become intolerable to stand by while some suffer extreme poverty, others live in extreme luxury and the rest of us keep the corporate machine running, just because the corporations say it has to be this way.  Please imagine with me a way to set up tiny, incremental solutions that will eliminate human suffering, promote world peace and improve your own well-being.

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