Vision 2020

VISION: Global Well-Being

Design, Build and Live in Non-Profit Communities
with Well-Being as the Bottom Line

My father was a pastor who traveled to 44 countries around the world.  He instilled in me a passion to develop a comprehensive solution to meeting human need, rather than the band aide approach to charity. As worthy as charity efforts are, they don't solve poverty once and for all for their benefactors.  Global Well-Being is a plan to meet human need in any global situation with abundant sustainability and replicative solutions.   

I have been working on most of my life.  My husband is an underwriter for one of the largest banks in the US and is very grounded in real-world capitalism, while I am an idealist dreaming of a gift economy that has no need for money.  We have learned to work together to allow both ideologies to co-exist, finding ways to transition between the two worlds. Through contribution and capitalism combined, we believe that the members of these communities (about 200 adults and their children) will experience a sense of well-being greater than anything that has gone before. Individuals who live in this kind of community will rise to their greatest productivity, creativity and development as a human being.

Our first small, non-profit community will work together to create a little self-sustaining economy in America, through trial and error that can then be duplicated anywhere in the world. Most non-profit communities are fundamentally flawed because they separate those in need from those of other socio-economic groups, perpetuating a poverty mentality.  Our plan carefully combines all demographics as a means to end the divisions and end the disparity between rich and poor, educated and uneducated. 

When we can offer someone a home in America, where our plan begins, we will be able to attract the talent we need to bring the vision to pass.  If we are also able to offer them locally grown foods, free health care, free education and meaningful use of their strengths to sustain the community we believe the offer will be hard to resist. Finally, when we add in the global component of the vision, to build future communities in poverty stricken areas of the world, we believe we will develop a new kind of free agent with a new sense of purpose who will serve the Global Well-Being vision with all their hearts. This includes doctors, dentists, architects, attorneys, educators, landscapers, food growers, inventors, innovators and all the important people who will make a gift economy thrive.

We already know that many are ready to try a new kind of economy.  We just have to make it possible for them to join us in a real-world way.  With no bills to pay, they will be free to work for the benefit of the community and have more free time to achieve their own dreams and develop their own income in the global economy.  We believe in a gift economy everyone will be equally rich, not equally poor as in today's economy.  One of the first and most obvious income sources for the community and its members will be tourism as people from around the world will want to come and see what we are doing. 

We believe there is a holistic way to plan and design a human habitat to be self-contained and self-sustaining, focused on well-being as the bottom line. The results will be happier people, better quality of life, a healthier world and a sustainable future for planet earth.  Donating land is the first step in making a community come to life.  We need enough room to plant the crops to sustain the community.  We believe it can be done on about a mile square of land which is 640 acres.  We can start with a smaller piece of land, but must have the rest of the land available nearby.

This online course and the corresponding book is designed to spark the imagination of conscious people.  And to confirm the conscious community as they begin to realize that the world system is outdated and is not meeting our evolving human needs.  Our newly acquired social perspective has made it intolerable for us to allow some to suffer while some live in luxury.  Please imagine with me a way to set up the game of life that would eliminate human suffering, promote world peace, and end world hunger.


Forming a network of co-ops, we will produce the basic needs of the community including food, shelter, clothing, and utilities. The members of the community will be selected because of the important contribution they will bring to create a closed loop system. When this system is in place we can begin the process of building the community.


This small community will produce more than is required for its own sustainability, but will soon move on to cooperative abundance. Once the first portion is dispersed to the members of the community, the excess items will be exported to support the next community that will be built in an impoverished area of the world. Following the same design as the original human habitat, this second community will soon become a manufacturing co-operative that will sustain itself and its members. The excess items that are manufactured in this second community can then be sold or donated to support the local economy or to perhaps build another self-sustaining human habitat nearby.


Those who donate or contribute money, land, materials, time, skill or expertise are invited to live free of charge in the Center for Global Well-Being, a small community supported entirely by contribution.  Those who live in and contribute to the center will have free access to food, shelter, clothing, communications and transportation within the center as their compensation package.  The package expands as each new member of the community adds their contribution to the center.

The final result will be well-being on all seven levels for those who live in the center as well as an end to poverty for those who live in the communities that we will build around the world.


The answer is simple:  It is cooperation. 

We don’t have anything to do with systems that require force or coercion.  We want nothing to do with any system of control.  On the contrary, you are free to participate in the discussions that help to create the solutions we need, with no commitment to live in the community or contribute to it. This discussion is the “getting to know each other” phase that takes time and complete freedom to come and go as you please until commitments are finally offered. 

Our strategy is to facilitate a paradigm shift to create a generation that understands well-being and will design a new economy and social structure with well-being as the bottom line. It all starts with the online discussion at  This is the open door to living and working in one of our newly designed well-being habitats.  Our experiments will be a model that we can build around the world.  The results, through trial and error, will be happier people, better quality of life, a healthier world and a sustainable future for the planet.



We hope to prove that individuals who live in this kind of community will rise to their greatest productivity, creativity and development as a human being. We believe that health and well-being includes far more than simple survival such as sanitation, water, food, shelter and clothing. Our non-profit human habitat design will carefully and intentionally balance all seven elements of well-being at the same time:

• Survival – Financial Well-Being
• Health – Physical Well-Being
• Education – Career Well-Being
• Moral Training – Emotional Well-Being
• Family – Social Well-Being
• Community – Community Well-Being
• Humanity – Global Well-Being

The word “Global” can be taken two ways and both are an accurate description of the pages of this website and the focus of this plan. Global can mean “impacting the entire globe” or it can mean a “holistic” or “all inclusive” plan for individual well-being.  We want both.

We address higher levels of well-being for our community members when we make the focus of our careers, our daily tasks and our life purpose be meaningful work that impacts the well-being of those in our community and our world. We create an environment with a stated purpose to address and solve every problem found on earth. This is how we ensure that each individual experiences community well-being and global well-being. We create a happier, more fulfilled individual.

We believe that the children growing up in this environment will build upon this mindset to be great leaders that will lead mankind into world peace, an end to world hunger, with liberty and justice for all.

The Center for Global Well-Being

The Center for Global Well-Being is connection of co-ops that will provide the needs of the community including a food hub, a worker’s co-op, a manufacturer’s co-op, a home-builder’s co-op, a housing co-op, and many others.

A food hub that provides a closed loop system to provide the community with a sustainable supply of healthy food.

  • nutrition education
  • organic farming education
  • food growing
  • food processing
  • waste conversion

When more than enough is produced we can consider commerce outside the community:

  • wholesale
  • retail

A manufacturer’s co-op provides raw materials, processing of raw materials, manufacturing of components and assembling of components that will make it possible to build small communities around the world including: 

  • pre-fabricated self-sustaining homes
  • indoor food farms
  • sustainable energy systems, wind, solar
  • water collection systems
  • fabric, bedding, and clothing
  • technology

Our Philosophy

We believe that building new from the ground up is more efficient, eco-friendly and cost effective than repairing aging structures. With the new materials available today we can build structures that can be handed down to our children rather than building made from wood and cement that will eventually deteriorate.

The parameters and goals are described in detail on the pages of this website to inspire those who have a desire to participate in the designing process.  We believe that those who live in a community should have the privilege of offering their input on the designs, the layout, the materials and the construction if they so desire.  This is how we will achieve the sense of community well-being that we all long for.  Like a hive, humans must be actively involved in the shaping and molding of their community in order to truly feel connected to it. 

Our Invitation

We invite you, along with many experts and highly evolved people around the world, to plan and build newly designed, cutting edge human habitats from the ground up using the latest and best practices for all seven elements of well-being. Our experiments will be a model that we can build around the world with adaptation to the local climate and culture.  We believe that when the basic needs of every individual are easily accessible, each will move to higher levels of well-being.  The results, through trial and error, will be happier people, better quality of life, a healthier world and a sustainable future for planet earth.


We thought we would offer this invitation in the year 2020.  We are way ahead of schedule. All the pieces of the puzzle are on the earth.  We believe we have located most of them.  All the leaders are well-developed and ready.  We are ready to contact them.  It’s time for leaders to take leadership.  It’s time for screening and recruiting. It’s time for workshops, think tanks, planning meetings, designing sessions, voting and decision-making. It's time for implementation.  As we share our vision and knowledge in an open-source platform on our transition will be smooth and our progress will be speedy.