Global Well-Being… through advanced human habitats.

Arcologies for
Global Well-Being
by Teré Foster


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Arcologies of

Global Well-Being

by Teré Foster

Is there an environment that we can create for ourselves that promotes greater well-being? greater freedom? greater joy? greater fulfillment? greater achievement? We think there is! Arcologies for Global Well-Being is the "how to" plan, compiling all the greatest achievements on planet earth.

An Arcology of Well-Being is a futuristic resort that is designed to uplift each visitor to greater well-being by offering opportunities to work and play among the highly evolved people who own and operate it.

Arcologies for Global Well-Being is a vision for gathering the Conscious Community into think tanks to co-create an advanced, self-sustaining human habitat designed to elevate the energy of the planet, develop and utilize your greatest life purpose, bring solutions to our seven greatest global concerns, and be among the first to complete the next stage of human evolution towards a sharing economy.


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