Earth Well-Being


The sense of earth well-being is knowing you live in a safe and beautiful place with lots of opportunity for connection and cooperation with a clear vision for the future that your children and their children will have the same.

  • Safe
    • Clean Water
    • Clean Air
    • Low Crime
  • Beautiful
    • Parks
    • Landscaping
    • Architecture
  • Social
    • Social places to meet people
    • Access planned for disabilities
    • Community projects to work on
    • Working together for the common good
    • A sense of belonging
    • Equality and inclusion
    • Homeless and needy cared for with permanent solutions

Third Eye Chakra

  • Vision, perceiving, conceiving
  • Connection to wisdom and insight
  • Inspiration and creativity
  • Intuition
  • Perception of subtle energy
  • Psychic abilities
  • Illumination


Do you agree that these bullet points are the key factors in the sense of community well-being?

Can you think of one more?

Please leave your comments below.


  1. I agree that these points are key factors in community well-being. They are the building blocks that lead to everything else. Good schools, restaurants, or access to stores are all important too. These bullet points can’t really be added to a community after it’s been established. They must be planned during the design process. A community with these planned characteristics would evolve and become what the people want it to be. It would be able to satisfy their other needs on all 7 levels. A bullet point I would add is “Room to grow.” A healthy community would have to adapt to the needs of those living in it.

  2. I do agree that the bullet points define community well-being. If the community doesn’t give the sense of community well-being no one would want to live there. High crime rate, tons of pollution, destroyed environment, ugly-looking buildings, and unfriendly people. Another bullet point would be “planned layout” or “community layout planned.” If a community wasn’t planned ahead, commutes would be longer, layout unprofessional, more unplanned gaps left unsafe, an inefficient amount of money would be spent, and people would be unhappy.

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