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7 Strategies

We must define and understand the CORE VALUES associated with each strategy.

Defining our core values together is a key component to establishing a powerful, unified group of people who are able to work side by side with people of other faiths, beliefs, political affiliations, cultures and any other commonly divisive core beliefs.  In Washington, we often see the progress of a project impeded by the group’s inability to agree on the true issues, concerns and best solutions.  For this reason, we have created an anonymous online discussion where each person has an opportunity to comment and propose modifications for each step of the plan for Global Well-Being.

Since the people who participate in the online discussion are potential arcology members, the concerns and solutions we choose together will be very close and personal to their own well-being and the well-being of their families.  For this reason, we believe the process will move forward quickly and smoothly as those who are making the decisions will be anxious to move it forward.

As long as the original core values are in place, we should be able to support and interact with communities who have slight differences or preferences on issues that are not part of the established core values. Obvious examples might include the current topics that cause such heated division in families, communities and nations such as abortion, marijuana, and gay rights, to name a few.  These issues will not be included in the Global Well-Being core values but will be dictated by the laws of the land and the personal dictates of one’s own conscience.

If political and religious differences can’t be resolved between community members, a new community can be built, yet this is not the highest and best option. It’s important to keep communities open to diverse ideas and opinions. Personal preferences of religion, racial diversity or racial exclusivity, nudity, non-family households, LGTB or vegan living, for example, must not be chosen as an arcology theme because this would eliminate the benefits of the family connections.  We should be able to have healthy relationships with all people.  We should conduct healthy economic relations with all arcologies of well-being as long as the defined values, screens, and solutions are agreed upon and each personal preference is respected.


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