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Sales Team

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The Sales Team helps each member of be successful in today’s competitive economy. Every project our members embark upon will always need a sales team to get it off the ground, whether it is an event, a book, a product, or a service.

Earn $20 commission today by helping someone become a member of the Arc 7 Academy. The Sales Team earns commissions by inviting potential members to join the academy. When they enroll through you for $30, you earn $20 monthly commission for as long as they stay enrolled. Over the months, this can stack one upon the next to form a significant monthly income from home.


Learn more about our list of products: Membership: Your customers will immediately feel their hope rise and their well-being increase just by joining for $3 a month!

Arc 7 Academy: Your customers will begin to expand their vision to include family, community and all humanity as they plan, design, and build Arcologies of Well-Being for $30 a month.

Training and Certification Programs: Your customers will learn how to foster well-being in themselves and others and become a Well-Being Consultant to earn extra income.

Consulting and Coaching Services: Your wealthier customers can purchase consulting packages from our network of Certified Well-Being Consultants to develop your customer's well-being and life purpose.

eBooks: Your customers will have access to uplifting ebooks and ebooklets on all 7 dimensions of life.

Events: You will be able to offer your customers uplifting and bonding Global Well-Being events.

Products: You will have a growing list of products to offer your customers that will impact one or more elements of well-being such as plant-based food products and indoor gardening kits for examples.

New Innovations: You will be able to offer your customers a growing list of inventions that impact the planet and the customer in positive ways such as solar generators or other free sources of energy.

Work from home.

As we gain new members who offer exciting and innovative products, we will gain new offerings for the Sales Team to offer to their customers.

Join the team and get started today!  Earn extra income doing something that will change the world at the same time.