Cooperation is the Key


A Think Tank is a body of experts providing advice and ideas on specific political or economic problems. We
decided that “we the people” are the experts about what we need and where the gaps are in our own lives. When people join in unity, letting go of the need to compete, and choosing to work together for the common good, humans have the capacity to accomplish anything. Humanity is the “sleeping giant” with untapped power to change the world into an environment of well-being. We hope you will accept our invitation to join the Well-Being Think Tank.


We don’t want anything to do with systems of control that require force. On the contrary, all decisions and strategies during our think tanks are made by you, because you are a member of the think tank. Our objective is to transition from systems of control to systems of empowerment by giving each think tank member equal decision-making power. Think tanks work together to activate each members’ life purpose in a way that meets their emotional needs for love and connection.


The Well-Being Think Tank is the open door to a network of conscious creators who are making a difference. Our immediate think tank goal is to bring people from all walks of life together to fill in the gaps we identified in today’s support system. Food stamps, for example, is part of the support system that meets the need for food.
Unemployment services help find a job.  Homeless shelters provide a place where you can get out of the cold.  These are wonderful things for a society to do for each another!  However, too often today’s support system only attempts to meet physical needs without realizing the impact that prolonged unmet emotional needs can have on health and well-being. This is why it is reported that 3 out of 4 people in America show severe signs of loneliness and that the use of anti-depressants are on the rise. Our think tanks go the next step to fill in the remaining gaps in the support system with strategies to meet each member’s emotional needs as well as their physical needs.


The Well-Being Think Tank is a call to action. Our think tanks choose not to wait for government agencies to fill these gaps. In fact, we don’t believe that they can!  Instead, we choose to offer well-being to each other at the same time that we seek to gain it for ourselves. Emotional support must be given freely, human to human, if we want it to be effective. For this reason we have to find the love and support inside of ourselves. We of the American middle class can no longer prosper while others in the world die of starvation.  We can no longer stand by as so many people live in quiet desperation, never finding their passion or living their dreams. We can no longer wait for "someone" to do “something” about the inequities of the world, relying on a system with so many gaps in emotional support. Instead we choose to work together to fill the gaps and wipe away every tear from the eyes of our fellow think tank members!  Cooperation is the key!


Career Well-Being 

There are a few of the experts needed to fully develop the potential of the members of the community.  Can you think of a few more that your unique situation would benefit from?  With 200 adult “spots” in the community, we can bring in all the professionals needed to make the right balance.

Planning and designing done by consensus.

Food Producers
Home Builder
Heavy Equipment
Alternative Energies
Refuse Conversion

Academic Tutors
Science and History
Foreign Languages
Musical Instruments
Drama / Choir / Voice
Art, all forms
Team Sports

Creative Services
Internet Services
Graphic Design
Web Design 
Publishing, Printing House
Recording Studio
Filming Studio
Radio Station    
Newspaper, Magazine
Marketing, Promotion
Sales Team
Purchasing Agent
Interior Design

Professional Services
Walk-in Medical
Home Health
Veterinary Services
Dentist Office
Security Professional
Fire Specialist
Legal Services
Bank & Barter 
Auto Repair



How important is it to you to be involved in the planning process of a community of well-being?

After reviewing the list of jobs that are listed above, can you think of others that may be crucial to the well-being of a small community of 200 people and their children?

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