Coordinate Projects

Coordinate Projects

Self-Governance in Action

As we make our plans and designs for “Community Well-Being” we have the opportunity to keep all of the elements of well-being in mind.

To create a community of well-being we must have the privilege of being part of the planning, designing, and building process.  We must have a clear mission and be able to inspire the creativity of the most illuminated and intuitive people available.

MISSION:  Sustainable Abundance for All

VISION: Design a high-energy eco-city model that brings well-being to everyone that lives there.  This model can then be built around the world.

No hierarchy.

Decentralized governance.

Not just sustainable, but replicating.

Well-being is the first consideration.

Africans call it "Ubuntu".
Christians call it "the millennium".
Jews call it "Zion."

In fact, almost every culture has some form of "Zion" that they look forward to.




What are some of the most effective methods you can imagine to implement Braden's equation in a small community?

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