Glass Frog

We use Glass Frog software for our self-governing think tanks. The software generates an organizational circle chart. This is the Global Well-Being Organizational Chart below.

When you click on a circle in the Glass Frog software, such as “SURVIVAL,” the circle will enlarge to show the
projects inside and who is playing each role in the project.  Governance and tactical meetings will be held using this online software.  The software keeps a log of the meetings and all decisions made during the meeting.


The Technology Guru facilitates the technology needed to conduct a think tank project. Once you and your fellow think tank members have chosen a project and offered to fill a role, your Tech Guru will go to Glass Frog online to enter the details of your project. Additional roles can be added as new members join the project.  Roles can be updated or re-arranged any time during a think tank. When the think tank is conducted online, the Tech Guru sets up the screen sharing software and helps the members join in.