Launch Team

Get involved in the early stages by joining the launch team that pre-reads the book. That means that you will get a digital copy of the book before anyone else does. When the book is made available to the public, you will add a good review of the book during launch week.

What Does a Launch Team Do?

  1. Reads and reviews your book.
    (Free PDF format of book.  4 weeks to read it.)
  2. Brainstorming how to promote the book.
    (Prizes go to the best ideas.)
  3. Request this book at a local bookstore.
    (Prizes go to the one who gets the most book sales.)
  4. Hype up the author with support.
    (Facebook group for communication.)
  5. Write reviews or post reviews on their platforms for their followers.
    (We will give you samples if needed.)