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Holistic Unity Blueprint

Organization Model 

MISSION: Building Environments of Well-Being

Our leaders elevate their well-being and help others do the same.

Our leaders offer a new social structure that fully develops human well-being.

Using our variety of formats for connection our leaders will be equipped to organize a "hub" of connection in their local areas, offering workshops, spiritual alliances, and arcology planning.

TRAINING: Get the training you need.

Be fully equipped to lead in your local area.

  • Every church, workplace, school, or gym can be a location where workshops and collaborations can gather.
  • We provide the training and materials to conduct local workshops for each of the seven levels of well-being.
  • Start now to be our representative at your church, your school, your workplace or your gym.


Organize and lead workshops in your local area as an extension of Global Well-Being.  Choose your favorite workshop and start from there.  We help you find potential members.  As more leaders join you, your "hub" can offer more than one workshop.


Learn to teach webinars using our materials and content.  We help you find your potential students.


If you would enjoy hosting workshops and discussion groups using our materials, get started with your Leadership Training One-to-One Coaching.  Once you are certified we advertise and set up classes in your local area.


HUB-OM: Holistic Unity Blueprint - Organization Model 

Hub-Om is a local “hub” where workshops and think tanks are held to create an environment of well-being. We compiled our research into an educational format that informs, educates, and inspires "holistic unified belonging."

The "hub" refers to both a physical location, a group of families and a support system.  This new social structure fully utilizes the latest discoveries concerning family well-being:

  • Before a new society can function and thrive we must
    • Mix and match age groups.
    • Include of all levels of ability and wheelchair accessibility in all "hub" activities.
  • We are committed to developing a social structure that leads each individual into the highest possible level of well-being.
  • We all want to live on a planet that promotes and supports the well-being of its inhabitants.

This hub can be organized immediately by using one large building that already exists or a network of homes. Hub meetings might work within existing groups such as clubs, churches, the workplace, schools or community centers.  All seven of the centers can function in the same building until they grow out of the space available.  If and when this hub chooses to build a community of well-being from the ground up, these centers will design and build their own space within the new community.

Many benefits can be achieved by establishing a tribal "hub" long before designing and building a Center for Global Well-Being.  The functionality of the seven centers can be in full swing before any monetary investment is made simply by organizing a variety of meetings on a regular basis. These meetings will provide the opportunity for real-world experiments in social and economic structures.  New members will have the opportunity to see if the core values of Global Well-Being aligns closely with their own values.  They can come and go easily in the early stages rather than waiting until they have already committed to the community economic system.

HUB-OM will be the first sign that an arcology is beginning to form.  Meetups and workshops will start to be advertised in a local area of the world, drawing the conscious community together. The leader of this arcology embryo will wear many hats until more people are added to the leadership.

Start today!



What would it take to prove that:  “Where belonging starts, corruption ends”?

What can we prove by organizing a hub of connection using before and after data?

Examples: Crime rate. Divorce rate.

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