The Choice – Lesson 1


"Tune Out" Negativity

Watch the video and complete the worksheet below.


Staying Positive in a Negative World

We are living in a time of transition.  The world seems to be going crazy at the same moment in time that we are learning higher levels of understanding. Some seem to be heading towards world war at the same time that others are heading towards world peace.  The messages we hear can lift us up or cause us to spiral down.

How can we guard against negativity, anger and fear?

How can we protect our hearts and minds from sinking into hopelessness?

How can we elevate our own energy levels and help others do the same?


Print a copy of "The Choice" Workbook. 

Download now. ["The Choice" Workbook] -PDF

Complete the electronic worksheet below:






Well-Being Workshops offer this worksheet as a tool to teach how to stay positive in a negative world.

The rows of words on the Energy Scale illustrate the pathway to world war and to world peace.  We can use this worksheet as a kind of tool of measurement using the scale on the left side of the page. Just by pondering on the words on this we can feel our energy level lift higher. These are concepts we can all agree on.

The words on the bottom half of the page take you down the opposite path.  Stress can lead to anger.  Anger can lead to division and intolerance, leading to rage and violence.

We find ourselves at the bottom where no needs are met on any level for anyone, poverty, destruction and war.

Notice the blue meter going up the left side of the page. It is divided into four quarters illustrating the difference between power vs force.

The most important use for this scale is to see how to understand our own thoughts, attitudes and actions and understand where they are leading.




What is your current level of energy based upon the numbers on the energy scale worksheet?

HINT: You can tell by the messages you listen to, the topics of conversation you spend the most time talking about, and the emotions you feel most often.

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