Unify Relationships

“The Tribe”

Humans have a deep need to belong to a tribe.  Without this family connection we often feel alone in a crowd.  The sense of belonging shapes our sense of self-worth. The sense of belonging may play a larger role in Global Well-Being than we ever realized.  An East Indian guru once said that “Where belonging begins, corruption ends.”  If this is true, then in reverse it might say, “Disrupt the family to destroy the world.”

For ultimate well-being we can borrow some of the characteristics of a tribe and incorporate them into our community plan.

  • Sustained themselves from the land
  • The tribe worked together for the common good
  • Meals were often taken together
  • Stories were shared and passed down
  • Leaders were loved one
  • Religion was built into the social structure, not somewhere you “go”
  • The community was bound by family ties

The tribal structure throughout the ages had a council of elders.  These elders were trusted and respected because they were the parents and grandparents of the members of the tribe. They were not elected leaders, business tycoons or motivational speakers. They were dear relatives who the tribe trusted and would do anything for.  The only way we can have something similar in our community plan is to invite full families of three generations to join the arcology.  We would have to ask the grandparents to play the role of the council of elders. Instead of putting people out when they turn 65, elders would have to be 65 or older to be on the council.  This would be their time of greatest leadership, spiritual maturity and healing power for the community. The community is made up of their own children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  This is the structure that humans thrive in, no matter what age they are.

“The Safety Net”

The tribe is a “safety net.” You and your loved ones have amazing gifts and fruit that you brought to this world to assist each other at this very difficult time in history as we prepare for the epic faceoff between good and evil.  What you have been given to contribute is crucial to the spiritual progression of you and your loved ones and the world around you. When we unite to work together for the common good, it functions exactly like a net draped under a fruit tree. The net catches the fruit before it hits the ground and is crushed.

This safety net is the ultimate purpose and value of the arcology structure. The family tribe was designed to be a safety net for each other to catch the fruit of their lives before it is lost or damaged.  If a community is not providing this protection, it is like allowing the fruit of those within the community fall to the ground and be eaten by the bugs and birds.

Our enemy knows the importance of the safety net and therefore launches his most ruthless attacks against each member of the family until he makes a weak or vulnerable entry point—a hole in the net.  He hopes to get the fruit to fall through the holes in the net early, while they are young.  With holes in the safety net all of that precious fruit will go to waste instead of serving the purpose for which they were designed.

We must identify any holes that might be in our tribal safety nets.  Then we can plan to repair our nets and strengthen the areas where our young ones, and our adults, are vulnerable. The goal of GlobalWell-Being.org is to strengthen the power within you to reach to your highest priorities, your greatest productivity and your ultimate purpose to be part of the safety net of your tribal community.  This net will prevent you and your loved ones from falling and instill the confidence for all of you to “leap” without fear of being damaged or lost.

If our arcologies of well-being and the families within them function with love, acceptance, encouragement and support, working together for the common good, the community will thrive unlike any other because each member of the community is producing so much fruit and the fruit is being “caught” in the safety net before they hit the ground.  “Caught” means recognized, appreciated, utilized and implemented for the greatest global good.

“Mom and Pop” Business

Families are the building blocks of a community and communities are the building blocks of all humanity. Families established America. They owned the town, the businesses, the schools, and anything else they built together. The corporations moved in and ran family owned businesses out of business to create a new generation of consumers who will purchase their mass produced products instead. In so doing they dismantled the family owned business and the tribal aspects of the community.

To regain the sense of inter-dependence that humans long for we must reclaim the role of the owner producer and choose to buy, sell, trade and gift with locally owned businesses within the arcology of well-being as much as possible. This is the purpose of building an arcology of well-being instead of consenting to a system that dismantles the family tribe.

A Gallup study recently showed that humans must have six hours a day of direct social contact with friends and family to experience a sense of social well-being.  Like birds must fly in formation and fish must swim with a school, humans also have an instinctive need to interact with a tribe. Yet they are placed into situations at work and school that prevent them from freely talking to one another. We cooperate with this plan in support of a completely new artificial focus of "making money" or "getting an education so we can make money."  Job opportunities often lead to relocation out of state or even out of the country, separating children from grandparents who might have played a large role in their sense of well-being. Relationships are sacrificed on the altar of "the almighty dollar."

Today we see visionary people from other countries take advantage of the "American Dream."  They gather family and friends to create a shared vision of owning a restaurant, an apartment building or a dry cleaners in America, where dreams come true.  They all work together to make their family business thrive.  They share one home, reducing the cost of living substantially.

Meanwhile American children are taught a completely different vision.  They are taught that the more education you get the better equipped you will be to "make money."  Visions, dreams and life purpose are discouraged while the focus is put on "getting a job" and learning how to impress the corporations that holds “the key” to their future.

In reality, the family business is the answer to all of the human requirements for well-being we established in earlier chapters.  When an individual is able to create his or her own destiny they experience Career Well-being. When they gather family and friends with a shared vision, the sense of social well-being is instantly established. Statistics show that Financial Well-being will soon follow. The work day is spent with supportive family and friends instead of competitive strangers.

With a family business, a child grows up with the advantage of learning everything his father and grandfather knows.  When he is of age his family has something substantial to pass to him rather than forcing each generation to start from scratch.  The rising generation can keep the family business on the cutting edge of technology and new discoveries.

  • The business must be screened by the 7 Questions of Well-Being.
  • The family will receive all the support they need to keep the business on the cutting edge.
  • The family business must provide something significant to the community.

Contribution Workshops allow you to explore and search for your own niche to establish what your home business might contribute to improve the well-being of others in your community.  We see the need for some businesses to have a local focus without feeling pressured to reach into the global marketplace.  This will provide that sense of social well-being that comes from serving real people in your neighborhood rather than a faceless “demographic.”

An important step in the workshops is to establish your team that will make it all happen.  We encourage you to gather family and close friends to make your core team and find ways to fully utilize their gifts, talents and passions to expand your vision.  In this way you will spend the necessary time with your loved ones to keep these relationships strong held together by a common mission rather than family members being pulled apart by isolated and unrelated goals. We believe owning your own business or supporting someone close to establish theirs is a very important step in reaching for well-being.

Mom and Pop Business workshops help couples identify and develop their own family business that can make money now and later contribute to the gift economy of an arcology of well-being.  The workshop also emphasizes the importance of including the strengths of each member of the family within their family business structure to pass down to them when they are able to take it over.  Host this workshop to earn extra income. This will begin the process of “making money” in a whole new way that leads to something specific to contribute to an arcology of well-being some day in the future. You will find the link to Mom and Pop Business workshop at GlobalWell-Being.org.


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